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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors London Based Manley Summers Training.  We go out to some 4,138 organisations which some 3,620 plus are organisations or people within the Training and Development Industry. This week there are 39 pages of Bids Grants and Funds.

First of all thank you all for the e-mails and sorry if I have not replied this week some 380 while away in Birmingham, so next in London Wednesday morning London Bridge area. So I am available from 1 onwards, on Thursday possible South London area for the morning two clients to confirm for the afternoon.

Next so many things happened this week it would be crazy to mention them all let’s start with: The register of apprenticeship training providers will open for a third time starting on Monday, FE Week can reveal, and the window will last for one month.

An email from the Department for Education said applications would “reopen for applications on Monday, 25 September”. “This reopening will close on Friday, 27 October,” it continued. “This opening is open to all organisations, including those organisations that have not previously been successful.

“If you have already been successful in your application to the RoATP, you do not need to reapply as this opening is not a refresh.”  This is the third time the register has opened for applications. We have room for a few clients but do have a waiting list so please be sure to get in early to

A civil servant who led the Department for Education’s response to the Grenfell Tower blaze has been appointed as its new director for apprenticeships.  A civil servant who led the Department for Education’s response to the Grenfell Tower blaze has been appointed as its new director for apprenticeships.

Rory Kennedy has taken the reins from David Hill, and is now responsible for the whole apprenticeships programme, as well as a number of other important policy areas including the levy, the target for three million apprenticeships starts by 2020, and the work of the Institute for Apprenticeships.  Mr Hill, who was appointed in October 2015, left the role in July and was replaced on an interim basis by Carl Creswell, the DfE’s deputy director of apprenticeships.  He then left the position himself earlier this month to become director for better regulation at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Mr Kennedy’s start date has not yet been confirmed but it is “expected to be some time from mid-October onwards”, according to an email from the DfE.

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is conducting two related surveys, both of which concern the training needs of leaders and staff working in the Further Education sector. The surveys are supported by the Department for Education (DfE), Association of Colleges (AoC), Association of Employer and Learning Providers (AELP) and HOLEX and the findings will be published early in 2018.

The telephone survey will explore training needs from the perspective of institutions and companies within the FE sector.  FE providers will be selected to take part in this survey on a randomised basis. Not all providers will be contacted, but if you are we hope that you can find the time to support this vital study. Contact will be made by telephone, and the agency will seek to speak to the person who has the best oversight of training needs across your whole organisation. Interviews will take around 20 minutes and can be arranged for a time that is most convenient to you.

This survey will then be followed by an online survey which will explore training needs from the perspective of individuals working within the sector. For this survey, we will ask all institutions and companies in the sector to e-mail their leaders and staff with a request to take part in the survey and the appropriate weblink to complete the survey.

You will be contacted over the next few weeks to take part in one or both of these important surveys and we would very much value your contribution. The findings will be used to inform the priorities for the provision of support for the sector by ETF, sector bodies and government.

The surveys are being conducted on ETF’s behalf by BMG Research, an independent market research agency. BMG operates within the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and all information they collect will be kept in the strictest confidence. Please note that all data will be reported in aggregate form and your responses will not be reported to ETF, or any of the supporting bodies in any way that would allow you to be identified.

If you are not contacted, but still wish to take part please contact Vicky Clarke at If you have any questions about the survey or how the findings will be used please contact Charlynne Pullen, Head of Data and Evaluation and the Education and Training Foundation at

East London Provider Looking for Head of Apprenticeships and WFD, based in East London this provider serves pan London. Looking for delivery, sales, quality and engagement specialist to head up the team moving forward into 2018. Rates of pay are good but also a bonus on targets and possible share options in the future. Please e-mail CV and overview of areas of Key achievements in the industry.

West London Provider for sale £60,000 with some small contracts and in depth knowledge of Apprentices, with 25 plus apprentices on programme the provider is on ROTAP and ROTO, also a testing centre. For more information

The following posts CVs to

Assessors required in the following All South East and London areas.

Trainer / Assessor– Associate Ambulance Practitioner

Functional Skills Lead Trainer / Assessor

Trainer / Assessor– Health and Social Care up to Level 4

Trainer / Assessor– Pharmacy

IQA Lead Pharmacy

Herts / Essex Borders

Administration Operative Apprentice Division

Lead IQA Quality Improvement Practitioner

Lead Administration PFA ESFA Apprentice Division


Head of Operations National Apprentice Training

National Manager Apprentice Training Department responsible for Birmingham- London – Newcastle and Manchester Cv to

Lindsay tells us Dear Colleague I am writing to introduce you to WorldSkills UK (WSUK) who we are currently working alongside as I believe there is a great opportunity for your organisations to work together.

WSUK aims to raise the prestige of apprenticeships and technical education and inspire more young people to consider these as career routes. They engage thousands of young people in skills competitions to improve technical and employability skills to the highest standard.

WSUK Competitions bring together apprentices and young people from across the country to compete to be the best in their chosen skill. They inspire next generations to be ambitious in their pursuit for excellence, while equipping them with life-long, world-class skills. These talented individuals will be key in helping UK businesses compete on the global stage and raise standards to an international level.

The Skills Show hosts the WSUK National finals and is the UK’s largest annual apprenticeships, skills development and careers showcase. The show encourages young people to discover what career and course opportunities are available, offers first-hand experience across a huge range of skills and invaluable careers advice. Last November 72,000 visitors engaged with over 200 organisations including BAE Systems, Airbus, Babcock, Barclays, Dyson, Royal Navy, Royal Mail, Nova Training, NHS, HS2 and IBM.Highlights of the 2016 event can be viewed here:

We’ve got hundreds of companies here, the public sector, skills competitors and people demonstrating skills. This is the best of the UK – this is the future of our country right here”. Robert Halfron MP. To find out how you can work with WSUK to develop your future talent pipeline please contact Rachna on 07738718910 or

Asian Apprenticeship Awards Finalist for Learning Provider of The Year
JTL Training
Learning Curve Group
Nova Training
Performance Through People
Remit Group
School or Academy of The Year
Cardinal Newman Secondary School
Aston University Engineering School
Harborne Academy

An area of more importance nowadays is mental health, and Marc Ewen who many of you may know tells us I am now working with the following group who are doing great work in workplace mental health support training and education.

Information overload and lots of people all saying ESFA keep asking over and over again for the same information it appears their systems have holes anyway the news from them is:

We have published information for apprenticeship training providers at on using the apprenticeship service. It explains how to register on the apprenticeship service so you can add and approve apprentices for funding.

It’s important that the apprentices added to the apprenticeship service account match the details you have on the Individualised Learner Record. This will be checked as part of your month end submission. We have also published information for employers on the key things they need to consider when using the apprenticeship service.

We have published the high level changes to the qualification achievement rates (QAR) for the 2016 to 2017 funding year (1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017). We will shortly publish the updated QAR dataset production specification documents for 2016 to 2017 which will incorporate these changes. You should read this document alongside the business rules we published in November 2016, If you have any questions please contact the service desk.

New Research Project: This autumn, focusing our attention on young girls and women, JAGS Foundation is launching a new research campaign, to truly understand females roles directly and indirectly in youth violence. If you, as an individual or organisation, are interested in being involved, as a participant or partnership, contact

We want to speak to as many women across South London as possible, to share experiences and change research approaches, from grass roots up.

A massive 58 per cent of FE loans funding – amounting to almost £1 billion – has not been spent since 2013, FE Week can reveal.

This shocking figure, revealed by a Freedom of Information request, has been branded a “systemic failure” that could unravel the government’s plans to upskill the nation in a post-Brexit world.

The Student Loans Company, which processes advanced learner loans on behalf of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, revealed that just £652 million in loan-funded provision had actually been delivered since 2013, against a massive £1.56 billion in allocations.  There has also been a near-40-per-cent fall in the numbers of level three and four learners since the loans were introduced, sparking dire warnings across the sector.

Gordon Marsden described the figures as “extremely concerning” and claimed they indicate “a systemic failure in the Department for Education and the ESFA in delivering this policy”.

After more than two years and three Skills Ministers since the Institutes of Technology (IoT) concept was announced, FE Week can exclusively reveal the “process and timeline” ahead of their launch in 2019.  Details at

Ok very important is your SAR and QIP and many are not doing these please update them you will need them.

Pact and Send Family Link (Send Play Project and Visitors’ Centre Association) have agreed to come together as one charity from 1st October.

The decision to join forces was prompted by a recent competitive tendering of all prison-based family services, which resulted in Pact being awarded the contract for all women’s prisons, of which HMP Send, a prison near Woking in Surrey, is one.  The two charities explored a number of options for working collaboratively, but ultimately the Trustees of Send Family Link decided that the best way for the charity to fulfil its charitable mission was to transfer the services to Pact.

Send Family Link provides services and support for families visiting women in custody at the prison, with a particular focus on children with a mother in prison.  They are based outside the prison gates in the Visitors’ Centre, where staff and volunteers offer a warm welcome, information and emotional and practical support to people who are visiting a family member in custody. The charity provides play facilities for children and a tea bar service within the prison visits hall during normal social visits and, thanks to the support of Children in Need, runs 14 family days a year, most of which are specifically for children visiting their mothers.

Pact works inside the prison, where their Family Engagement Manager provides one-to-one casework support to women prisoners on a range of family issues.  The two charities already work closely together, and so the merger will see staff and volunteers becoming a single team, which it is hoped will facilitate a more holistic service for women in prison, and their children & families, on both sides of the prison wall.

Colin Ryall, Chairman of Send Family Link, said:

My thanks to all the trustees, staff and volunteers for their support and I hope that Pact will continue to provide HMP Send with an excellent service in the future. I have been associated with Send Family Link for more than 10 years and some of my fellow trustees for much longer. Christine Andrews was involved in setting up the charity 20 years ago and I would particularly like to thank her for her vision of what could be achieved then and support over the whole period.

On behalf of Pact, Andy Keen-Downs, Pact CEO said:

Send Family Link has been a beacon of excellence and has provided caring, effective services for over two decades, which we will work hard to sustain in spite of a challenging reduction in statutory funding.  We are delighted to welcome a great team of staff and volunteers to Pact, where we hope they will be happy and have opportunities to develop and link up with like-minded colleagues in the South East and nationally within the women’s prisons.

He went on to thank the trustees of both charities, and expressed his hope that those who have supported Send Family Link will continue to feel that they can make a difference.

The agreement between the two charities is to ensure that all funds raised and secured by Send Family Link will continue to benefit the mothers and their families at HMP Send, and a new restricted fund will be set up for this purpose.  Reductions in Government funds mean that we will rely on the goodwill of volunteers and donors more than ever, so that we can continue to deliver services to minimise the harm caused by imprisonment and separation to mothers and children.

People wishing to find out how they can volunteer for the service at HMP Send, or donate funds or items to support the work, can contact Jeni Spice on 01483 471090 or call Pact on 0207 735 9535.  Send Family Link is registered as Send Play Project and Visitors Centre Association, registered charity no. 1058259. Pact is registered as Pact (Prison Advice & Care Trust) registered charity no. 219278. For further information contact Louise Potter at 0207 7359535 or email

We work with some 12 organisations on a retained basis and do not have any more capacity at this time but you can always look to get on our list or ask for a referral to another organisation.

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