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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors London Based Manley Summers Training.  We go out to some 4,138 organisations and around 3,620 are organisations or people within the Training and Development Industry. This week there are 43 pages of Bids Grants and Funds.


What a week with the Non Digital Bids going in, DFE in all sorts of trouble and the Minister apparently not knowing what is going on in the industry.  More details about the AEB bids and the situation with U turn by the department. The Asian Apprenticeship Awards with fantastic numbers of entries and details to be announced this week.


Use this form at to submit requests for increases to your 16 to 18 and 19+ non-levy apprenticeship contract values for May 2017 to December 2017. The second performance-management point for non-levy apprenticeships will take place in October 2017. Providers can now submit requests for increases to 16 to 18 and 19+ non-levy apprenticeship contract values for May 2017 to December 2017.  Completed growth request forms must be emailed here also to provider managers before 5pm on Friday 29 September.  The growth form includes sections for providers to complete on: expected demand, evidence of demand and planned starts. Providers must submit a growth request to be considered for an increase. Once growth bids have been assessed, if the value of bids we wish to support amounts to more than the budget available, we may not be able to fund the full value of growth requested in each bid. For further information, please refer to the apprenticeship funding and performance-management rules for training providers.


West London Provider for sale £60,000 with some small contracts and in depth knowledge of Apprentices, with 25 plus apprentices on programme the provider is on ROTAP and ROTO, also a testing centre.


The following posts CVs to

Assessors required in the following All South East and London areas.

Trainer / Assessor– Associate Ambulance Practitioner

Functional Skills Lead Trainer / Assessor

Trainer / Assessor– Health and Social Care up to Level 4

Trainer / Assessor– Pharmacy

IQA Lead Pharmacy

Herts / Essex Borders

Administration Operative Apprentice Division

Lead IQA Quality Improvement Practitioner

Lead Administration PFA ESFA Apprentice Division


Head of Operations National Apprentice Training


Updated guidance is for existing and prospective providers wishing to deliver services on behalf of the Education and Skills Funding Agency.  It contains information about the financial health assessment to help organisations determine what information is required to undertake an assessment. This came out on the 13th of September this should be studied by all and can be found at the following:


ESFA are telling us we are now asking for feedback on the 5th batch of frameworks until 6pm on Wednesday, 18 October. Please go to:

The frameworks included in this proposal have replacement apprenticeship standards that cover the same occupations; the replacement standards are expected to be ready for delivery by 1 January 2019.

We will review the feedback and announce the final list for withdrawal next year.
If we defer the withdrawal, the framework will be included in the next batch of proposed withdrawals.

We will consider deferring the withdrawal date if you can provide clear and strong evidence that:

  • the relevant standards due to be in place by 1 January 2019 will not cover some occupations covered by the framework’s pathways for which there is still significant demand
  • there are strong reasons why the replacement standard(s) cannot be ready for learners from 1 January 2019 or soon after

We asked for feedback on the 4th batch of frameworks to be withdrawn earlier in the year and recently delayed the announcement of this process. We will announce the outcomes of both batches next year. The date for those we intend to withdraw to new starts will be no earlier than 1 January 2019. For further information, refer to the removal of apprenticeship frameworks page on GOV.UK or contact the service desk.


At last we see that Private providers have given the government until the end of this week to find a solution to the “tragedy” of the botched adult education budget tender – or else they’ll launch legal action.  The fallout from the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s contentious AEB procurement process has stoked “immense anger and frustration” across the sector ever since results were finally published on August 4, according to AELP boss Mark Dawe. Most of the anger stems from the special treatment the government has given to the nation’s biggest FE provider, Learndirect.

 While most providers who were successful in the AEB tender have had their funding slashed

dramatically, in one case by an incredible 97 per cent (see below), Learndirect was handed a contract worth £45 million despite a very recent grade four from Ofsted – something that usually prompts the DfE to terminate a provider’s funding.  DfE officials finally admitted last week that contrary to earlier statements, Learndirect had at first applied for funds during the procurement, and that it later withdrew its bid.

As a result it reaped the benefits of a significant change to the ESFA’s tender rules that had been made at the eleventh hour. The original policy, published in January, stipulated that providers which did not bid or were unsuccessful would be offered a contract worth no more than £589,148.  But on September 4 the ESFA told those providers, including Learndirect, that they would now receive 75 per cent of the value of their previous contract to use in 2017/18.  It was this situation that led the Financial Times to describe the FE sector as a “topsy-turvy world where losers end up winners and where ‘winners’ end up on the brink of insolvency”. In an exclusive expert article for FE Week on page 20, Tim Ward, the chief executive of the Third Sector National Learning Alliance, said it was a “tragedy for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities” that a “poorly designed” procurement process has led to “the loss of this capacity at a time when it is needed more than ever”.  It is a tragedy for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities.

After they heard about the government’s largesse towards Learndirect, a group of providers clubbed together to begin legal action over the government’s handling of the tender.

These organisations, which do not want to be named at this point, say they’ve suffered financial loss and damage to their business as a result of the process – and they believe they have sufficient grounds to launch a judicial review against Justine Greening, or even to appeal to the EU Commission.  After receiving initial legal advice from lawyers, the decision over a solution is now with the skills minister Anne Milton who has until the end of this week (September 15) to come up with a plan. The group alleges that the government was negligent of – or even complicit in – corrupt practice under the Public Procurement Act 2015, which states that a procurement must not be interfered with once underway.

It also believes the ESFA has breached the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, specifically with its “failure to treat bidders equally and without discrimination, failure to act in transparent and proportionate manner and artificially narrowing competition by unduly favouring or disadvantaging bidders”.  In a letter sent to AELP members on September 14, Mr Dawe said he hopes “common sense prevails” eventually. “There is immense anger and frustration that the losing bidders are in a better position than the vast majority of successful ones – and the Learndirect situation is just rubbing salt in the wounds,” he said about the AEB tender.

“We hope that some form of solution is proposed by officials this week, otherwise I fear this is in danger of dissolving into a legal battle and further accusations of foul play.”

Read in full at


So this week I am as always busy with visits to providers in South London, Herts, Birmingham and many stops on the way.


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Tip of the Week III: Gourmet Burger Kitchen burger for £5 (pdf voucher). Details


Keep training from me Steve and all the Team at EEVT, see you also on social media  in Groups EEVT Limited




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