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Many thanks for this week’s Bids, Grants and Funds from EEVT Ltd (EEVT) and SLIC International Ltd. This week’s bids attachment has some 45 pages. We go out to over 4,000 organisations and decision makers welcome to 9 new readers this week. To get your own copy then e-mail


Short deadline SFA South East LEP Enhancing Apprenticeships

Seetec intends to bid for provision procured by the Skills Funding Agency, co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) for the South East enhancing Apprenticeships: to increase the number of individuals entering Traineeships and Apprenticeships at all levels (and increase employer participation in these areas) via tailored pre-Apprenticeship programmes. The programme will be procured via three geographical lots:

Lot 1: Essex

Lot 2: Kent and Medway

Lot 3: East Sussex

Seetec intends to bid for all three lots of this contract, and therefore seeks expressions of interest for those organisations with the capacity, capability and expertise to support our delivery: Please download and complete our Phase 2 EOI, which enables you to provide detailed information specific to this type of provision. For your EOI to be considered, you must complete our Phase 1 EOI if you have not already done so (available here).

Please save your completed form as (your organisation name) SFA ESF SE Enhancing Apps P2 EOI and send to us via email by 5pm on Thursday 11th August 2016. Should you have any questions, please contact Seetec’s Business Development team on 01702 201070.


Prevista New Enterprise Allowance Phase 2 Expression of Interest

Prevista are looking to develop strong and diverse supply Chain Partnerships with organisations who have experience and expertise to meet the needs and support participants. Please complete the EOI form below and return to by Friday 19th August 5pm.

Prevista New Enterprise Allowance EOI


Association of Colleges lists eight mergers taking place today in biggest wave of college restructuring since government announced area reviews

The number of colleges in England will fall by eight today as eight mergers take place across the country. This is the largest wave of mergers in a single day since the government announced the area review process for the sector in 2015. The process is aimed at providing fewer, larger, more financially resilient colleges.  A list provided by the Association of Colleges confirms the following mergers formally taking place today:

  • City and Islington College and Westminster Kingsway College (will be known as WKCIC Group)
  • Tower Hamlets College and Hackney Community College
  • Bromley College of Further and Higher Education, Greenwich Community College and Bexley College (will be known as London South East Colleges)
  • Warwickshire College Group and South Worcestershire College (will be known as Warwickshire College Group)
  • North Warwickshire & Hinckley College and South Leicestershire College (will be known as North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College)
  • Furness College and Barrow Sixth-Form College (will be known as Furness College)
  • Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology and Shrewsbury Sixth-Form College

A merger between New College Nottingham and Central College Nottingham had also been scheduled to be completed on 1 August, but the colleges confirmed to TES that the process had not yet been completed. The same day saw Mike Hopkins, principal of South and City College Birmingham, take over as acting principal at Bournville College, ahead of the institutions’ merger, expected to take place later this year.

Rotherham College of Arts and Technology and North Nottinghamshire College; Prior Pursglove College and Stockton Sixth-Form College; and Bridgwater College and Somerset College already merged earlier this year. The AoC estimates a further 11 mergers may take place during the 2016-17 academic year.


Funding 4 Training Opportunities:  Funding-
I have a prime looking to plug a small 15/16 hole. Approx 20k of adult apps (envelope 1) 30k of 19-23 traineeships (envelope 2). Quality and well experienced providers only.
Benn Carson Director of Sales & Business Development Funding 4 Training 07875687154
I am also seeking additional subcontractors who require both 16-18 and 19+ apprenticeship funding. Experienced providers only please. Big contracts available for high quality providers.

I am seeking high quality sales director with a background in FE. You must have operated at director level for several years and have excellent links into levy paying employers.
Salary- 100k+
Time scales for Changes up and coming

The timescales set out in the Skills Plan are very ambitious and require further clarification in terms of how certain deadlines inter-relate. There are also issues such as the ongoing work in area reviews and devolution of adult skills funding which are likely to play a part in these timescales. More than anything, the skills education system will have to have the capacity to absorb all the changes intended by the Skills Plan whilst so much else is in flux and the Department of Education will have both the money and stakeholder/employer support to see it go ahead. Page 44 of the Skills Plan provides a visual timeline which is useful to look at if you want to better understand the intended timescales. Key dates include:

  • October 2017: qualification content developed for ‘pathfinder’ routes
  • April 2018: Institute for Apprenticeships responsible for technical education
  • October 2018: procurement begins for awarding organisations against approved content
  • February 2019: qualifications approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships for pathfinder routes
  • September 2019: first teaching of ‘pathfinder’ routes
  • September 2020: transition year in place for students not yet ready to progress to Level 2
  • September 2020 – 2022: phased first teaching of other routes


Lots of people happy this week with 9 organisations passing ROTO on Due Diligence and another 8 on Capacity and Capability well done to you all.


Great to meet GET SET this week and also Successful Mums, along with Thrive ahead and the team at AQT.


ICQ have issued new Guidance on Section 44

Section 44 is an absolute exemption, which means that if information is covered by any of the subsections in section 44 it is exempt from disclosure. It is not subject to a public interest test. · Section 44(1)(a) exempts information where its disclosure is prohibited by other legislation. · If a statutory prohibition refers to the functions of a public authority and these are defined in the legislation, this definition must be followed. If the functions are not defined then we consider that functions constitute the powers and duties that have been specifically entrusted to that authority. · Statutory prohibitions may contain ‘gateways’ allowing disclosure in certain circumstances. Unless they specifically refer to FOIA, these gateways are unlikely to be relevant to FOIA disclosures because: o FOIA is a general duty on all public authorities, not a function specifically entrusted to an authority; o the reference in section 44(1) to disclosure “otherwise than Prohibitions on disclosure (section 44) 20160725 Version: 1.0 3 under this Act” means that FOIA itself cannot provide an exemption from a statutory prohibition; and o gateways allow disclosure for specific purposes but FOIA is about general disclosure to the world. · If a public authority has discretion as to whether to disclose information under a gateway, the Commissioner will check that it has made that decision but will not question the reasonableness of its decision. · Section 44(1)(b) exempts information if disclosing it would be incompatible with any European Union obligation. EU obligations are Treaties, Regulations, Directives and Decisions. If the EU obligation has been transposed into UK law, then the relevant exemption would be section 44(1)(a), not 44(1)(b). · Section 44(1)(c) provides an exemption where disclosure would constitute or be punishable as a contempt of court. · There is no duty to confirm or deny whether information is held, if to do so would disclose information that is exempt from disclosure under section 44(1)(a)-(c). · There is no equivalent of section 44 in the EIR.


Also please be aware in terms of new activity I will be in London with M1 London and Midland Training Ltd this week Tuesday.


In October of last year the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) was launched. The reason for this was to ensure consistency around the size and challenge of all the vocational qualifications.

This means that qualifications will shortly be described by their size using some new terminology – Total Qualification Time (TQT). This will indicate to the learner high long they might take to study a qualification. This will also include the time spent actually being taught the qualification.

Although each learner studies faster or slower than each other, it is a useful guide to help people plan their studying.

This change will not affect the levels of the qualifications but will map them to the Framework of High Education Qualifications and the European Qualifications Framework which will really help learners looking to use these qualifications abroad or employers seeking to employ people from across the continent.

However, don’t panic! The qualifications themselves are not likely to be changed in the short term. It is just the terminology. After all, QCFs were introduced in 2008, which (in the world of qualifications) is an awful long time ago!


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