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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors London Based Manley Summers Training. 

This week we have 53 pages going out to 3,649 organisations and people, who are in the Industry! Just a reminder that many of you are not clicking on the link for the bids grants and funds above and may miss some opportunities.


Well this weekend has been good so far weather wise so I hope you all had a great time.


Peer meet up in Birmingham went well and many thanks’ to all of the Speakers some 8 in total, and indeed we will have all the PowerPoints and some pictures from the event. Many thanks to ICQ Awarding body for their sponsorship and for Pathways Group for their holding the event.


 The May List of Register of apprentice assessment organisations


Some 6 companies that had interest about being for sale all have had enquiries and are under NDA agreements.


FEcompare. The website for ESFA approved organisations, RoATP, EPA & ATA;s
Proud of your quality of Training, or the services your organisations provide, let your customers speak for you (learners and businesses). FEcompare will be the one stop for learners and businesses to see how your customers rate the services you offer.  Businesses & Learners want to know who is a good business to work with.  Stand out from others let your customers and learners speak for you, share the FEcompare badge on your website. 

Reasons why RoATP, EPA & ATA’s:  ESFA Approved Organisations need to be on FEcompare

RoATP:  many new organisations listed who have not delivered apprenticeships before with no history and new to the apprenticeship market.

Ofsted: Many organisations have yet to receive an ofsted Visit. (Option to post your ofsted outstanding or good logo on your company profile page) and link to your ofsted report Some organisations have not had a ofsted inspection in years

EPA organisations: Employers of apprentices will have to select an organisation to conduct independent end-point assessment of their apprentices.

FEcompare gives you the opportunity to stand out from others, from the best people to rate your services: your customers: learners and businesses.

All members of the site will be promoted through social media: LinkedIn: Facebook and Twitter. Articles about your organisations will be shared through social media. This site will be an addition to your own PR.  Customer feedback is so important because it provides business owners with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience.

The Importance of Customer Reviews
Show of hands, how many of you have candid, honest, reviews of your training courses featured on your website? Nope, not the cherry-picked customer testimonials with glorious quotes about how your training forever changed the life of Joe Smith  from London. We’re talking genuine, gritty, honest, not-always-positive reviews that add an extra layer of transparency to your brand.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and envisage their buying process. When choosing a training course, what will make them select yours over the many other similar training providers available? Beyond the usual criteria of, location, instructor, accreditation et al, what will they ultimately care about? It’s perhaps obvious, but they’ll want to know, ‘are these trainers actually any good?’, ‘sure their website says they’re amazing, but can I really believe them?’ When it comes to choosing a training course/provider, reviews can be an excellent differentiator.

Reviews Increase Conversion
By including reviews on your services by featuring the FEcompare review logo on your website  You can potentially drive incremental sales of your training courses. Don’t believe me? The research is pretty conclusive – 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase and 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews. Consumer review platform, Reevoo, even conducted a study that suggested the potential sales uplift from including reviews can be as much as 18%.

According to research from BrightLocal, 92% of consumers read online reviews in 2015. That figure is even higher amongst what could be considered a more ‘digitally native‘audience, those aged 18-34, where a staggering 97% read online reviews.

Further research suggests that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, such is their impact on purchasing behaviour. Online reviews are rapidly becoming the ‘new’ word-of-mouth when it comes to business referral.

And it’s not just confined to review sites. Research shows that social media is being increasingly used to review products and services too, especially amongst younger consumers. Indeed, 87% of those aged 18-34 have already reviewed a local business
Digital natives know that the answer to their question ‘is this training company any good?’ is just a quick Google search away. In fact, it’s very likely that their decision process for most things in life involves a Google search!  Over the next few weeks we will be populating the website: so join now and the 1st month is free Just use the promotional code fecompare and be a member before the launch of FEcompare all for £1.25 a day. if you have any questions please use the contact form on the FEcompare website


Job Title:             Business Development and Partnership Manager

Salary:                 £40-45k

Location:             Prevista Ltd, United House, North Road, Islington, London, N7 9DP

Job Purpose: The purpose of this role is to respond to a variety of functions that the Business Development, Partnerships and Marketing function holds. The primary purpose is to respond to tender documents as required and according to agreed specifications and deadlines. The post holder will be responsible for developing strong and innovative Supply Chains to support their bids and to also identify and develop new business opportunities within the field of skills, youth provision, employability and enterprise to promote Prevista and our Supply Chain’s products and services (particularly to Primes), and to forge and maintain key relationships with key stakeholders. The successful candidate will also be expected to take a leading role in delivering key Marketing functions to communicate the activities and services delivered by Prevista including the maintenance of the Prevista website (liaising with the host Provider), supporting events and working with Operations staff to produce marketing collateral.   Business Development includes a number of techniques designed to develop new revenue streams through competitive tendering. Such techniques include bid writing, assessments of market opportunities, intelligence gathering and identifying and forging new partnership relationships with supply chain partners with track records and expertise for supporting their client group. The BDM will be expected to optimize income from existing lines through relationship management and the exploitation of changing environments and emerging policy.

The post holder will also be responsible for developing, managing and delivering a range of activities including managing the Prevista Partnership Network newsletters and activities, supporting Capacity Building services for our Supply Chain Partners, developing proposals for new business and supporting our clients to deliver contracts in the BD&PM division.

 The key duties of this post are:

Primarily to work with the Business Development Function and write tender documents as required according to agreed specifications and deadlines.

  1. To form relationships with innovative Supply Chain Partners with required track records and expertise to produce winning bids
  2. To form partnerships with leading Prime organisations and to market Prevista’s experience and expertise for delivering services to enable subcontractor offers
  3. To identify and lead on the development of new revenue streams as a direct result of partnership working and tender development
  4. To take a leading role in delivering Prevista’s Marketing & Communications activities and services
  5. Manage the Prevista Partnership Network tool and work with SMT staff to ensure contract Performance, track record, Delivery Models are up to date and can inform PQQ & ITT responses
  6. Represent Prevista on a range of local borough Boards/Panels to highlight Prevista’s contract activities in the local area, and give feedback on local strategic priorities and challenges
  7. Report and present findings on polices, papers and plans as they relate to employability, learning and training

 Experience & Skills


  • Primarily has a proven, successful track record in writing and winning tenders across a variety of funding streams. A proven track record in winning industry tenders is essential.
  • Has a proven knowledge of a variety of niche, public and private Supply Chain Partners with expertise and track records which will add value to tender responses
  • Has technical knowledge of key government agencies and their specific funding streams (DWP, GLA, London Councils and SFA)
  • Has the ability to manage internal tools to aid tender development work
  • Experience of communicating and working with Prime organisations
  • Experience of representing an organisation at external Boards and Panels
  • A high level of professionalism with clients, partners and other networks
  • An understanding and experience of programme and finance management gained in public programmes


  • Excellent bid writing, delivery and financial modelling skills
  • Can adapt and is responsive to changing economic markets, government policies and emerging agendas
  • Good understanding of procurement and tender management practices
  • Ability to forge and maintain new relationships with a broad range of customers and stakeholders
  • Has strong inter-personal skills, is able to effectively communicate, sell, influence and negotiate
  • Ability to produce marketing collateral which communicates Company best practice
  • A good team player


Business Development, Partnership & Marketing Managers are expected to possess at least a bachelor’s degree. It is also essential for them to have active knowledge and experience of writing successful tenders, understanding key industry developments and trends & of producing collateral which can be used as part of an organisation’s marketing function.

 If you are interested in applying for the role please contact Alison Raphael, Head of HR, at


Terrorism Threat Level Raised Terrorism Threat Level Raised Security Industry Authority

The independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) has raised the threat level for international terrorism in the UK to CRITICAL. This means that their assessment is not only that an attack remains highly likely but a further attack may be imminent.
If you see or hear anything that could be terrorist-related trust your instincts and call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321
Please refresh the knowledge of staff that have received either Project Griffin or Project Argus training and deploy staff who have received training in behavioural detection (where you have them).
The London Regional Counter Terrorism Protective Security Unit have provided further guidance and recommendations for businesses and security staff.
We also recommend that security operatives refresh themselves with how to be vigilant by watching the video ‘Personnel security – Eyes Wide Open’ by the Centre for the Protection for National Infrastructure (CPNI).  

Download the 
London Regional Counter Terrorism Protective Security Update – PDF

Watch the video: 
Personnel Security – Eyes Wide Open

Download the guidance: 
Protecting crowded places from terrorism


Find out more about:
Project Griffin (counter terrorism training for security operatives)

Project Argus (counter terrorism training to protect a business or an organisation).

 As the build up to the election continues, further news from the Conservatives, who have included in their manifesto a reform to the way in which Apprenticeship Levy funds, can be spent. According to the party’s commitments,

As part of a pledge to introduce a national retraining scheme, this year’s document says: “Under the scheme, the costs of training will be met by the government, with companies able to gain access to the apprenticeship levy to support wage costs during the training period”

AELP CEO Mark Dawe expressed his concern about the Tories’ commitment, saying “The levy is going to transform skills and productivity among large employers, but growth in the economy is heavily dependent on SMEs. We must ensure that enough funding from whichever source is being directed towards supporting the apprenticeships of these businesses.”

But the proposal was welcomed by Neil Carberry, CBI director for people and skills policy, who said it was a “good first step towards creating the flexible skills levy that employers want to see: one which enables levy funds to be invested in a much broader range of training and associated cost and delivers the skills needed to boost growth and productivity in the economy”.


Retraining commitment

Elsewhere in the manifesto, the government says it will allow companies to train staff using Government grants, with companies able to access the existing apprenticeship levy to support wage costs during the training period.  Peter Cheese, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD) said: “While we welcome the idea of a creating a national retraining scheme, we are concerned at the suggestion that companies will be able to use the apprenticeship levy to support wage costs as part of this initiative.

“A far better way to boost training opportunities for individuals and meet employers’ skills needs would be to reframe the apprenticeship levy as a more flexible training levy.”


Two London colleges have finally agreed to merge, more than 18 months after the link between them was first proposed.  The College of North West London and City of Westminster College will join forces this summer to become United Colleges Group.

The decision was taken at their individual corporation meetings on May 17 and 24 respectively, after independent due diligence reports and responses from the consultation period were approved.

The colleges are expected to finalise the legal merger on August 1, 2017, though this is currently subject to final approval from education secretary Justine Greening

More on this at

Tip of the week I: 50% discount on seven nights stay and surf lessons in Portugal. Details


Tip of the week 2: 50% discount on hanging baskets and petunias. Details


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