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Well the sun has come out for a while anyway so a warm welcome to new members this week. Many thanks for this week’s Bids, Grants and Funds from EEVT Ltd (EEVT).   With thanks to SLIC International Ltd. This week’s bids attachment has some 36 pages this week.  We go out to over 4,000 organisations and decision makers. To get your copy e-mail


The SFA tell us that in early June we will decommission the Provider Gateway, since many of the functions are historic and now redundant. Other systems already carry out some of the same functions or will do so in the future. We will keep you updated on arrangements for functions that we will transfer, such as qualification achievement rates data. From Friday, 3 June you will be unable to access or download any current or historic documents stored on the Provider Gateway. Please make the necessary arrangements to download any documents you wish to retain before this date.


We have had to change the date to the 19th of April for the next The Peer MEET up for Training Providers. Due to the amount of people wishing to attend, so e-mail me at

Also #peermeetup


An updated Guidance on financial information that colleges are required to send every year to the Skills Funding Agency and Education Funding Agency has been released it can be found at.


If you looking for 24 Plus Loans funds then please feel free to contact me regarding an EOI and the application process


‘Young Muslims on Trial – a scoping study on the impact of Islamophobia on criminal justice decision-making’ is a report published by Maslaha and T2A focussing on the disproportionate number of young Muslims in the Criminal Justice System compared to their proportion in the general population. The report examines how perceived prejudice and discrimination against young Muslim men can impact on criminal justice decision making, particularly in sentencing, probation supervision and management in prison. Based on interviews with groups of young Muslim ex-offenders in London and Leicester, as well as criminal justice professionals, this scoping study has found that young Muslim men who found faith in prison faced suspicion and negativity. Download the report here


Many changes from the SFA: So this month we see funding allocations for 2016/17 being issued with automatic growth being applied to apprenticeships and 16-18 traineeships, plus a commitment to fund 2015/16 16-18 over performance.

We know more and Keith Smith, has as part of his remit been appointed director for levy implementation at BIS, announced that there will be a ROTO consultation later in the year as employers are wanting more information on providers.

Also we hear that Nadhim Zahawi, co-chair of the governments Apprenticeship Delivery Board, announced that only the 2% of employers paying the levy will be included in the levy funding system when introduced in April 2017. Also a 10% top up looks certain to go ahead. Looking at all the rest of employers the current system will continue.


SFA tell us Subcontracting Data: Second Collection

Organisations with a direct SFA funding agreement that are required to declare their subcontracting arrangements will receive an email shortly from their Central Delivery Service adviser.

The email will include instructions on how to submit an updated subcontractor declaration form. All in-scope funding agreement-holders must complete a form, even if it is a nil return.

The deadline for returning forms is Friday, 15 April; as set out in the Funding Rules we will suspend the May payment to any college or other training organisation that misses the deadline. As soon as we receive a valid form we will lift the suspension and release the payment at the next payment run. We will not consider any extensions to the deadline.


Register of apprentice assessment organisations

Information on the register of apprentice assessment organisations for:

  • employers seeking an independent end-point assessment organisation
  • Potential applicants to the register.

As well as containing on programme training and assessment, all apprenticeship standards must contain an end-point assessment. An independent organisation must be involved in the end-point assessment of each apprentice so that all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently. The register of apprentice assessment organisations (the register) is a list of organisations that have been assessed as being suitable to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices and be in receipt of public funds. Only these organisations are eligible to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices. Although a number of different people and organisations may be involved in an apprentice’s end-point assessment, only the independent organisation needs to apply to and be listed on the register.

Employers of apprentices will select an organisation from the register to conduct independent end-point assessment of their apprentices. The register is regularly updated as more organisations successfully apply.


Apprenticeship Reforms: Withdrawal of Frameworks

We have published a list of seven apprenticeship frameworks which will be closed to new starts from 1 June 2016. This means the last date for new starts is 31 May 2016.

This is the first in a series of batches of frameworks to be removed as part of apprenticeship reforms. The frameworks in this batch are set out in the table below. These had no starts in the 2014 to 2015 funding year or in the funding year 2015 to 2016 up to the R06 data return. We therefore consider 3 months’ notice of switch-off for these frameworks to be sufficient.

Apprenticeship frameworks which will be closed to new starts from 1 June 2016;

Blacksmithing Technologies, Building Products Industry Occupations, Cabin Crew, Campaigning, Energy Assessment and Advice, Providing Mortgage Advice, Witness Care.

Learners still completing their apprenticeship on these frameworks will continue to do so, on their agreed funding arrangements, and their apprenticeship completion certificate can be claimed as normal. The Secretary of State has written to the relevant Issuing Authorities to remove the framework and they will notify providers and employers of this.


Advanced Learner Loans 2016 to 2017

The Advanced Learner Loans 2016 to 2017 application service will be available from 16 May. This is for learners who wish to start eligible qualifications from 1 August 2016 funded with a loan.

To support this, we have updated the Learning and Funding Information letters. You must issue these to learners, including offenders in custody, who are considering funding their qualification with a loan. We have also published guidance on how to complete the letter.


National Careers Service: New Data Collection Service

On Monday, 21 March we launched a new data collection service for National Careers Service area-based prime contractors. They are now able to submit their monthly data return to the SFA more simply and efficiently with a single automated data upload to the Hub, our data collection portal.

From Friday, 1 April a period of dual-running of the manual and automated data collections begins. The intention is to decommission the manual collection at the end of July, once systems have passed quality tests. The new service will replace the former manual system and improve the quality and robustness of the data submitted.




Please take a look at this webpage and book your place at this free conference.

Many important areas are covered including:

  • have the opportunity to network with colleagues, key industry figures and experts in the field
  • hear practical examples from other providers and employers relating to the new assessment requirements and how to embed these into your delivery models
  • share best practice, tools and ideas with peers to support your learners and to help shape your organisation’s systems and processes
  • gain a clear understanding of the new apprenticeship proposals and the implications around delivery
  • understand how funding changes will impact curriculum models and design
  • hear how we are working with schools and IAG to promote apprenticeships
  • receive guidance and tailored support in vocational and apprenticeship pathways to help your learners progress onto further education or into employment.


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So from the Team have a great week and keep training!


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