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Well we have lots of new members this week so welcome to you all! Many thanks for this week’s Bids, Grants and Funds from EEVT Ltd (EEVT).   With thanks to SLIC International Ltd. This week’s bids attachment has some 40 pages this week.  We go out to over 4,000 organisations and decision makers. To get your copy e-mail

 National Apprentice Week

So many great stories to many to note however at last Skills for Care is saying it is being looked upon as one of the great success stories with the highest take up 38,000 New Starts,43X9T,DM5LRA,EWR81,1


At the Skills for Care Accolades in Birmingham last week Care Plus Employability Services won the award for best employer support for Apprenticeships. Care Plus Employability Services promote social inclusion by opening up a career pathway for unemployed people, while contributing to reducing health inequalities and enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. Employability Services are committed to supporting local organisations and businesses to implement their training and recruitment initiatives across North East Lincolnshire.


Yes the SFA have announced they have more funds Funding 16 to 18 Apprenticeships and SFA-funded 16 to 18 Traineeships Information We will fully fund all high-quality 16 to 18 apprenticeship and SFA-funded 16 to 18 traineeship delivery from August 2015 to March 2016. We have based this on your individualised learner record (ILR) R07 data collection returns up to 4 March. This is in addition to £25 million growth awarded through performance-management point 1. We will continue to review the funding position through to performance-management point 2, which launches this month. Shortly, we will set out further information on the process for requesting growth. This is in line with the timings set out in our Operational Performance Management Rules 2015 to 2016.


The event on the 23rd has 1 place free due to one attendee having bereavement please note this is for Director level attendees. We have places free for the 15th for the Event in London at CAN. Please e-mail me at


Ofsted looks set to consult with FE providers on removing separate graded judgments on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, the FE Week say they can exclusively reveal.

The consultation plan was revealed in a Department for Education white paper, called Education, Excellence, Everywhere, published on March 17 that indicated it would only apply to schools.

But FE Week quizzed chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw (pictured far right) about this later that morning at our Annual Apprenticeship Conference in Birmingham, and he indicated it would apply to all providers falling under the common inspection framework (CIF) including those from FE.

A DfE spokesperson subsequently said this was the department’s intention.


Sir Michael was asked by FE Week if the plans to be consulted on would involve separate graded judgments for teaching, learning and assessment being removed for FE as well as schools.

He replied: “We would have to have the consultation, but whenever we have changed something for schools it has usually had an impact on FE.” He added: “Outcomes are outcomes and outcomes are usually good if the quality of teaching is good.


Also Ofsted’s FE and skills data dashboard is to close just two years after it was launched.

The announcement was made by the inspectorate on its website on March 15. Yet the dashboard, which was designed to help governors and members of the public keep a check on the performance of providers, was only launched in May 2014.  An Ofsted spokesperson told FE Week that it “regularly reviews its outputs to ensure they are relevant, effective and good value for money”. He added: “The FE and skills data dashboard was developed two years ago to help leaders and governors manage the performance of FE and skills providers.   “Since then, new products have been made available to the sector, both within and outside government. These provide similar information about FE and skills providers, so we have concluded that the data dashboard is no longer required.


PREVISTA are looking for London Only delivery Partners: 

The ESF Youth Talent programme will deliver three main strands of activity that target employers. The first will focus on promoting traineeships, work placements, internship employment and apprenticeship opportunities for young people to employers. The second is an engagement service targeting employers to recruit young people into apprenticeship, traineeship, and employment opportunities. The third is to support the Careers Cluster contract to secure work placements and internships for young people from that contract.


Strand 1 – Business Engagement (IP1.2)

The aim of this strand of the Services is to inform employers of all sizes across London of the benefits of traineeships, work placements and apprenticeships and employment opportunities to significantly increase the number of good quality career opportunities for young people.

The Services can target any sector but there should be a focus on the jobs market in London, in particular, sectors where there is high continued growth in jobs and where high volume jobs exist, including.


  • Professional;
  • Real Estate;
  • Scientific, Digital and Technical;
  • Information and Communication;
  • Financial and Insurance;
  • Administrative and Support services;
  • Accommodation and Food services;
  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation; and

Employers in sectors where apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities are currently low and employment opportunities are high should be encouraged, for instance in construction, leisure travel and tourism, information and communication technology and engineering.

The objective of this strand of the Services is to deliver a high quality (independent) service to encourage employers and in particular SMEs in London to take on young people into apprenticeship, traineeship, work experience, internship and employment opportunities.


Strand 2 – Brokering Opportunities for Young People (IP 1.2)

The aim of this strand of the Services is to increase the number of employers offering young people with good quality sustainable employment, apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities and to support young people to fill these opportunities.

The objectives of this strand of the Services are:


  • to develop the capacity of London’s businesses through a brokerage service to provide young people with opportunities for work including, traineeships, apprenticeships, and employment.
  • to create traineeship, apprenticeship and job opportunities in these businesses for young people by supporting young people with their applications


Strand 3 – Generating Work Placements and Internships (2.2)

The aim of this strand of the Services is to engage with employers to generate work placements and internships vacancies for young people from the Careers Clusters contracts.

The objectives of this strand of the Services are:


  • Firstly to generate work placements (lasting a minimum of one week) or internships vacancies (lasting at least four weeks at national minimum wage).
  • Then to work with the London ESF Careers Clusters programme who will identify suitable participants from that programme to participate in this strand Careers Clusters will support the individuals in the placements.


Eligibility of groups relating to activity under strands 1 & 2



  • SMEs with fewer than 250 employees (minimum engagement 50% expected);
  • Employers with 250 – 4,999 employees (maximum engagement 50% expected).



  • Young people aged 16-24 who are NEET (minimum 60% expected), particularly;

o those with low or no qualifications,

o those from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background,

o those who have a disability or health related issues.

For an EOI please e-mail


The first Annual Probation Practitioner Conference takes place on the 8th June at Sheffield Hallam University, a partnership event between NoOffence! & the Probation Institute. The conference aims to bring together practitioners, managers, academics, trainers, and third sector agencies in the probation, rehabilitation and community justice world to explore some of the key practice issues and in particular:

To identify good probation practice developing across the sector;

To share good practice across agency boundaries;

To contribute to the further development of an evidence base for probation practice.


We anticipate that key themes will be raised through inputs and the very important discussion opportunities for attendees in focus groups, this will include:

Maintaining and enhancing probation as a profession;

Relationship building within and between relevant organisations, building on what is working and what more needs to be done;

Communications within and between relevant organisations, showcasing effective practice;

Encouraging good practice and the sharing of research into practice.

This event will benefit senior leaders from NOMS, the NPS and CRCs, the Third Sector, practitioners, trainers, academic staff and the wider criminal justice sector. A link to the event is here:

If you have any difficulties accessing the information don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Richard Rowley Operations Director Tel: 07841 677683 NoOffence! CIC.


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So from the Team have a great week and keep training, Steve


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