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Well we have lots of new members this week so welcome to you all, plus we have lost a few.  Many thanks for this week’s Bids, Grants and Funds from EEVT Ltd (EEVT).   With thanks to SLIC International Ltd. This week’s bids attachment has some 37 pages this week.  We go out to over 4,000 organisations and decision makers. To get your copy e-mail


The first Annual Probation Practitioner Conference takes place on the 8th June at Sheffield Hallam University, a partnership event between NoOffence! & the Probation Institute. The conference aims to bring together practitioners, managers, academics, trainers, and third sector agencies in the probation, rehabilitation and community justice world to explore some of the key practice issues and in particular:

To identify good probation practice developing across the sector;

To share good practice across agency boundaries;

To contribute to the further development of an evidence base for probation practice.

We anticipate that key themes will be raised through inputs and the very important discussion opportunities for attendees in focus groups, this will include:

Maintaining and enhancing probation as a profession;

Relationship building within and between relevant organisations, building on what is working and what more needs to be done;

Communications within and between relevant organisations, showcasing effective practice;

Encouraging good practice and the sharing of research into practice.

This event will benefit senior leaders from NOMS, the NPS and CRCs, the Third Sector, practitioners, trainers, academic staff and the wider criminal justice sector. A link to the event is here:

If you have any difficulties accessing the information don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Richard Rowley Operations Director Tel: 07841 677683 NoOffence! CIC.


The government has this week announced a consultation on the National Funding Formula for schools. Last week London MPs gathered at the APPG for London to discuss the potential challenges for London’s young people amid concerns that the government plans do not fully recognise the needs of more than one million children and young people across the capital.

London Councils’ Executive member for children, skills and education Cllr Peter John issued a statement on Monday (7 March): ‘It is essential that we get this right – no child should be disadvantaged by school funding reforms. Therefore we will be responding to the government’s consultation on the basis that there should be a levelling up of schools funding across the country.

We await the budget, we will know more about the future of funding and indeed, last week I noted our Training Providers Event on the 23rd of March this is now fully booked. We are now taking bookings for the next one on the 19th of April. We have some bookings so please make sure you book early this is for Directors, CEO and Focuses on the changes in funding for the next 18 months. E Mail me at to reserve a place. We should then have more clarity on what lies ahead and ways to deal with it and other items. As we know from April 2017, large employers will pay the apprenticeship levy, set at 0.5 per cent of an employer’s pay bill over £3m. It’s estimated that it will raise around £3bn for apprenticeship training, but questions still remain about how the measure will be implemented and how non-levy payers will access levy funds, also what others surprises are in store. Qualifications approved for 24+ loan funding for levels 3 and 4 in 2015/16, and 19+ loan funding for levels 3-6 in 2016/17: From the end of 2015 awarding organizations could make submissions for qualifications to be eligible for loan funding as a separate process to making submissions for qualifications to be made eligible for loan funding. Previously, submissions for loan funding had been caught up in the funding moratorium so no new submissions could be made. In addition to this, whilst for 2015/16 loans are available those aged 24+ for qualifications at levels 3 and 4, from 2016/17 loans will be available for individuals aged 19 or above for qualifications at Levels 3 to 6. The advanced learner loans qualifications catalogue lists the qualifications available for an advanced learner loan up to 31 July 2017, and the date the qualification is available to start (i.e. level 5 and 6 qualifications aren’t available to start until the 2016/17 funding year. Learners will be able to make applications for a loan for 2016/17 from May 2016; colleges and other training organisations that do not have advanced learner loans facility can apply here (by Monday 14 March); and the SFA announced on 22 February that they will remove advanced learner loans subcontracting from the start of the 2017 to 2018 funding year. More on how the SFA are approving qualifications for 24+ loan funding for levels 3 and 4 in 2015/16, and 19+ loan funding for levels 3-6 in 2016/17 can be found here.

FE Business is a market leading employer engagement training consultancy for the skills sector. We have worked with over 45 colleges and providers in the past 12 months delivering a range of services to improve, diversify and grow employer responsiveness. These include strategic business reviews and business growth plans, and expert employer engagement training programmes.

We have produced a short paper, presented at the EMSI conference last week. The article focuses on five cultural indicators and five strategic priorities that characterise the most successful providers we have worked with. We’d love to share this with you, so click on the link below to receive a free copy of our article: Employer Engagement: Culture, Strategy and Capability.

Please click to access our free article:

We would welcome the opportunity to speak to colleges and providers that wish to increase employer engagement performance and income. Please contact Omar Khan or Mark Cook at for further information.

One day ‘bootcamp’ on understanding social value and how to block procurement curveballs

Uprise London’s one day ‘bootcamp’ highlights best practice in service commissioning, delivery and measurement and shows how to win a slice of the £187bn Government procurement pie.

It will be held on March 16th2016 Friends Meeting House Euston, London

Book your place to access expert insight into The Public Services (Social Value) Act, which requires public bodies to consider how the services they commission could have economic, social and environmental benefits in their local area. When tendering for contracts with public bodies, private companies who can show how they deliver these benefits gain a competitive advantage.

Ethical London property developer Uprise is hosting this event to raise awareness of the act and showcase best practise, successful implementation, social impact investment and how to gather and illustrate data for reporting metrics and measurement.

FTSE listed companies are required to report on Corporate Social Responsibility and increasingly on community benefit outcomes in their public services contracts. Investors in listed companies are demanding more than a financial return on their investment and companies have to deliver more social impact.

Social impact is the effect an action has on the social fabric of the community.  The social return on investment is the human, community and environmental benefits of every pound spent.

As budgets are cut, procurement teams in local and central government are under pressure to maintain services, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Pioneering commissioners are using the provisions of the Act to ensure their tendering processes incorporate social outcomes from delivery to legacy.

For example, investment in good childcare leads to decreased delinquency and reduces chances that children will become involved in crime. These benefits can be measured and benchmarked using government statistics and accounting principles.

The conference will show:

  • how partnerships can  incorporate the best of the commercial, social and charitable sectors to deliver outstanding outcomes
  • case studies delivered by market leaders from criminal justice (Nacro), the built environment (Balfour Beatty), transport (HCT) and infrastructure (K-10).
  • Social funders Big Issue Invest and City Investment Firm King & Shaxson bring the investor’s perspective.

Book now for

  • to demystify key provisions of the Act
  • expert guidance for firms on what to measure, how to report and benchmark outcomes
  • using Integrated Reporting
  • hear from a panel of new and traditional media specialists how to engage stakeholders with effective story-telling
  • valuable networking opportunities
  • post-conference publications

Panellists from WeConnect Europe, Aleron, All Street, FT, Numbers for Good and IntelligentHQ will share their knowledge.

The Bootcamp is co-hosted by the Social Value Portal, a geospatial meeting place that brings together companies, the public sector, not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and local communities. Bronze membership is included in the ticket price.

Notes to Editors

Uprise is a London property developer that builds truly affordable homes for Londoners. Its profits are used to fund housing, employment and up-skilling programs for women and children who have suffered violence and trauma.

Contact Details: Holly Bright –  447484843778 or


We have managed to get a private suite at London’s 02 arena for Little Mix on 27th March
The private suite holds 24 people £90 + vat per person Groups or individual places available
VIP Entry – Own Hostess – Luxurious Seating- in suite Bar
To reserve your spaces please email


Friday and Saturday were spent in Birmingham at the Signature Awards 2016 I was invited by one of the sponsors of the awards the Pathways Group.  The event was indeed a great example of the Asian Community especially in the Professional arena taking forward the “I can do it attitude”.  This showed many aspects not only the business side, but Community integration and Community values.

Tip of the week I: Fly from London Luton to Copenhagen for just £20 return. Details

Tip of the week 2: Stay three nights in Berlin, with flights, breakfast and TV tower tickets, for £129 per person. Details

Tip of the week 3: Get a drink on the house at Pitcher & Piano


So from the Team have a great week and keep training Steve

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