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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds comes to you in conjunction with SLIC Training. This week’s has some 41 pages and goes out to 3,804 organisations and people who are in the Industry. 


The News from Academy of Learning we are sorry to inform you that Linda Mockford passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. This news has been so sad for all who knew her and we here at Academy are all missing her very much.   Over the last 17 years she has been a ray of inspiration, passionate about supporting Leaders and Managers to be the best they can be, sharing best practices and spending her precious time nurturing Apprentices to achieve qualifications that would set them up for the future.

The team now aim to continue with her fantastic work and support and invite you to keep in touch with us via our LinkedIn Company page our Managers Academy of Learning Group or by subscribing to our monthly email update
The new manager of this group is Jackie Northedge on behalf of Academy of Learning.

I knew Linda many years ago and indeed she was a great person with a fantastic smile.


The SFA tell us today Wednesday 1st of March, providers that applied for AEB funding through the recently closed procurement exercise will be informed of the outcome in May 2017. Successful providers will be awarded a contract for one year with the potential to extend in the future. Independent training providers who chose not to submit a bid, or failed to secure funds through procurement, will be offered a run-down contract for the 2017 to 2018 year only. This will be set at either the value of the European Union procurement threshold (£589,148) or the value of their 2016 to 2017 AEB allocation – whichever is the lower.


Also Following the publication of the Apprenticeship funding and performance management rules 2017 to 2018, we have been made aware of some emerging delivery models that are contrary to the policy intent.

For example, some providers are offering incentives for employers by paying or re-funding them for certain aspects. These include:

  • inflating training costs to refund the employer’s co-investment
  • funding ineligible costs to employers as subcontractors
  • claiming higher prices to fund non-English apprentices free of charge to the employer

Providers must not make payments of this kind to employers. We will continue to review these practices and will shortly be strengthening the funding rules to prevent this.


As of last Wed March 1, anyone caught using their handheld mobile phone while driving will be in line for a £200 penalty and six points on their licence. So here are some items you may also not know!  Can I press buttons on my phone to answer a call or change music?
No, while it is okay to use your phone as a sat nav (as long as it is secured in a holder correctly, and out of the 45-degree angle of the driver’s view) – you can not press buttons on it while you are driving.

What about sat navs, or using my phone as a sat nav?
You can use your phone as a sat nav, but you cannot touch it or reprogramme it while driving.
Using a sat nav while driving can be a factored in a careless or dangerous driving charge if it distracts you.  The law still applies if you are stopped at lights or queuing in traffic. You are also not allowed to use your phone if you are parked up but your engine is running.

There is one exception – drivers are allowed to pick up their phone while driving ONLY to call 999 in an emergency, if it is unsafe or impractical to stop.
If you are parked up, safely, and your engine is off, you are free to use your mobile while sat in the driver’s seat.


Ok New £ Pound Coins Brand new £1 coins will replace the current ’round pound’ on March 28 – but you only have until mid-October to use up any existing coins you have stashed away.


The Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment (OTLA) Technical Skills programme is a national programme to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

Association of Colleges (AoC), in partnership with AoC London and emfec, has been commissioned by ETF to distribute and manage a development fund of up to £1,000,000 which is available to post-16 training providers across the sector.  Funding is available for 20 Joint Practice Development Projects, led by education and training providers across the country. Apply by 10 March 2017.


The programme builds on the Foundation’s previous work on OTLA regional projects, Professional Exchanges, Teach Too and more.  OTLA focuses on supporting the development of technical skills, teaching practice and stronger employer-provider partnerships, with the aim of working towards outstanding provision for all students on technical routes.  This phase of work is designed to support the development of the technical teaching workforce across the sector, to prepare practitioners and providers for the implementation of the Post-16 Skills Plan and to have a positive impact on technical skills teaching across the country.


The Restorative Justice Council has launched a new research report ‘Restorative Justice and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children in the youth justice system’. One of the aims of the project was to develop an evidence-based set of recommendations for the effective use of restorative justice with black, Asian and minority ethnic children who have offended, with a view to increasing the number who access restorative justice and improving the experiences of those who do. The report sets out a number of recommendations for change, including the need for practitioner training.


One of the largest apprenticeship providers in England has called in the administrators after the Skills Funding Agency terminated their contract, FE Week has learned.

First4Skills, which holds an annual £15m apprenticeship allocation and is 60 percent owned by City of Liverpool College, this afternoon told around 200 ‘shocked’ staff to pack their belongings and leave.

 It is understood as many as 6,500 apprentices will be affected, typically in the retail sector, some with the 14 subcontractors that share £4.7m in contracts.

 Matthew Kopanski, an employee in the administration team at First4Skills, described  how “we were emailed today, and a minute later called into an office with the director and the administrator and told we have no job, no notice period and no redundancy pay from the company. Read more at


NAS and SFA tell us Promoting apprenticeship vacancies

We check all vacancies that are submitted through the recruit an apprentice system to make sure they meet quality standards. There is a comprehensive guide to support providers on submitting vacancies and we advise all providers to use the information in this document when speaking to employers and supporting them to write a good job description.

Please note the e-shot service offered by NAS is a promotional tool only, to help increase the number of applications, but the interest generated is solely dependent on candidates which the National Apprenticeship Service has no influence over.

Vacancies that offer the apprenticeship national minimum wage often struggle to attract applicants. Apprenticeship vacancies compete in a market where businesses pay higher rates of pay at, or above, the national minimum wage for under 18s. Vacancies that have a higher rate of pay in the short-term often look more attractive to jobseekers.


Submitting e-shot requests to the National Apprenticeship Service

When receiving requests for e-shots to promote vacancies there are several things we consider.

How long has the vacancy been advertised for? (We usually suggest a vacancy should be advertised for a minimum of two weeks for applications.) Vacancies must be advertised for a minimum of two weeks before an e-shot will be considered.

Has the closing date been reviewed?

Is the vacancy on recruit an apprentice appealing to the applicant?

Are all the fields within the vacancy completed so that the candidate is fully aware of the expectations of the role?

Has the vacancy requirements been checked with the employer and are they happy with the content?

Is there enough information about the vacancy?

If the vacancy is in a rural location, are there details and advice regarding transportation arrangements? Does the salary reflect higher rural costs?

Does the short description of the vacancy / job role encourage a candidate to click on the vacancy to find out more? Is there an appealing / attractive job title?

Is there a competitive salary? Is the wage advertised at the apprentice national minimum wage? Does the wage reflect the occupation salaries? Would the employer be willing to increase the salary of the apprenticeship to attract more candidates?

What are the progression opportunities?

What have you done as a provider to promote the vacancy to potential candidates? Have you contacted previously unsuccessful candidates?

Have you reviewed and managed all applications for this vacancy?

Has the employer undertaken any promotion?

If a vacancy already has multiple applications (for example more than 15 per position) then we will clarify the reason why an e-shot has been requested when the vacancy has already received a good number of applicants.

Have all current applicants been managed in recruit an apprentice?

If your vacancy meets all of the criteria above then please email any e-shot requests including the vacancy reference number stating what action you have taken as a provider/employer to promote the vacancy, and the reason why an e-shot is requested.

Once a request has been received, an initial acknowledgement email will be sent within 48 hours. An adviser will then be in touch to clarify any points / confirm that an e-shot will be arranged.

E-shots will be undertaken within 7 working days of your request being accepted however this is subject to business priorities. Please be aware that the National Apprenticeship Service cannot guarantee that all e-shots will be undertaken. All e-shots will be considered on a case by case basis, and subject to resource availability. For example, if volumes of vacancies submitted for approval are high, e-shots will not be prioritised.

Please consider the above time frames when requesting e-shots, minimum notice requests may be turned down subject to resource.

E-shots are usually sent to candidates who have opted in to receive notifications, within a 10 to 15 mile radius of the vacancy postcode.

Only one e-shot per vacancy will be issued, to prevent candidate complaints.

Promoting vacancies through social media

We are happy to promote vacancies on our social media Twitter channel which are really interesting and have good prospects, advertised above the apprenticeship minimum wage.

Only a limited number of vacancies can be promoted through social media, therefore all vacancies are considered on a case by case basis.

If vacancies are selected for promotion on social media they will be scheduled into a planner to be posted within 72 hours. No confirmation of selection or posting for promotion will be issued to the provider / employer. If you have any exciting vacancies that you would like to promote then please email them


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