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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds comes to you in conjunction with SLIC Training, this week going out to 3,818 organisations and people who are in the Industry. This week’s Bids Grants and Funds News has some 36 pages.


New details have emerged this week about how the Skills Funding Agency will administer payment arrangements between employers and training providers, and it seems that the SFA will exercise its right to step in should training contracts not reach the required standard.

A draft document on the administration of the Apprenticeship Levy was published this week, and shows that “The SFA reserves the right to recover from the employer any funding paid to a training provider from the employer’s digital account, where the payment of funding or any arrangement between the employer and the training provider does not comply with the funding rules.

“The SFA will act reasonably and proportionately in exercising its discretion to recover any sum from the Employer under this clause.”  ‘Government money with government requirements’

Association of Employment and Learning Providers boss Mark Dawe described the contract as in need of a close read. “While the overarching principles of the levy and delivering apprenticeships are relatively straightforward, the contractual relationship between the SFA, employer, provider and learner is significant. “This guidance makes clear that the funding is government money with government requirements. “We are working with AELP member providers to support them in understanding the key elements and also helping our members support and explain to the employers that they are delivering training to. “As we have previously said, the separate contract between the employer and the provider is equally important and we have already invested in making sure all parties understand their obligations.”


Company for sale has 250k direct ALL with growth case going in for 500k.  Prime partner with up to 200 ALL on offer, works with other Primes and has Just got an extra 250k AEB from Primes. 350k – 450k AEB with Primes – regular contracts annually with growth potential. 

100k EFA for Study programmes

16-18 Apprentices Good numbers

19+ Apprentices “as much as required

ESF London – new opportunity for NEET progression

ESF SW  – BBO bid just approved

Erasmus up to 60 free placements in Europe for placements of 15 day 40, 60.

3 levy employers in negotiation

FCR opportunity with China in negotiation. 150k initially.

Strong client base e.g with clients in Newcastle and Birmingham

Priced at 500K for a sale and MD would stay for transition of up to 18 months



Are you a member of the AELP if you are then you will be aware voting for AELP board member finishes Monday evening? Well I am asking if you would like to look at the citation for John Govett from Ixion, why you may say.  Well as an organisation they do give work to smaller Companies and they also look at a wide selection of types of providers from Health to Construction.


Why is AELP important to us in the industry The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) is the leading trade association for vocational learning and employment providers in Britain.  The majority of its 770+ members are independent private, not-for-profit and voluntary sector training and employment services organisations.  Membership is open to any provider committed to quality provision and it includes 40 FE colleges involved in work based learning. AELP Members train 75% of England’s 850,000 apprentices currently on programme.

Over 70% of the Work Programme prime contractors are AELP members with many other members delivering the programme as sub-contractors. Members currently engage with 340,000 employers across the country and last year they helped 117,240 learners complete an apprenticeship.

AELP’s purpose as a representative body is to secure the creation of a high quality coherent employment and skills system which is driven by employer and learner demand.  We argue that focused investment in training will be of major benefit to the UK economy in terms of improved productivity and more social mobility.  Our 10-point agenda for the 2015-20 UK Parliament is set out in the AELP Manifesto (


AELP has a wide variety of publications which members can access via the website. An example is the first annual review ‘A report of ALP’s early years’ which records how AELP came into existence. To download a copy of this publication, please click here.

AELP current Annual Report can be acessed here .

Organisations keen to collaborate with AELP on strategic projects should it view its ‘Strategic Prospectus‘ which outlines the work of AELP members activities with employers, learners and the wider community. To download a prospectis click here.

To become a member and to understand the annual membership fee structure can be found in the Become a Member section.

For Membership benefits click here.


BBC Skillswise – free learning resources available BBC Learning writes: The technology we use is changing: * Around three quarters of the UK population now have smart-phones that enable us to use the internet almost anywhere * over half of us have tablets * over 70% of us now use social media such as facebook and Twitter But we are still sensitive to the fact that not everyone can afford the latest technology, or wants it – and Skillswise will continue to expand our bank of over 5000 printable resources. New BBC ‘iWonder Guides To make the most of these tools, BBC Learning has launched a new ‘iWonder Guide’ format. It is designed to work on mobiles and tablets, as well as on traditional desktop computers and interactive whiteboards. iWonder Guides adapt to whichever screen size you are using. So you can watch videos, play interactive quizzes or read content just as easily on a touch-screen mobile phone as on a tablet, a laptop or a classroom whiteboard. For general non-Skillswise examples, see any of the Guides now available on


The SFA have now released further funding information which sets out the funding bands that will apply for existing apprenticeship frameworks and apprenticeship standards. This is the very latest on Friday for this please go to


Questions surround why publication of a ‘good’-overall Ofsted report was delayed until 90-days after the recently created FE college was inspected.  The report on Basildon-based Prospects College of Advanced Technology was published this morning, after it was inspected between November 15 and 18 last year.  Its performance is of key interest to the government and wider FE sector, as PROCAT was transformed from an independent training provider in to the first new FE college in more than 20 years back in 2014.  The 90-day gap is three times as long as the average 30 days between inspection and report being published. That is thought to be the by far the second longest delay under the new common inspection framework, after a ‘good’ report on the nation’s largest college NCG was finally unveiled last September following a four-month hold-up.

Speculation has surrounding the cause of the PROCAT delay, with appeal over Ofsted’s initial judgements a likely source of delay. When asked about this, principal Neil Bates said: “Any confirmation of grades comes at the end of the inspection and moderation process. You will also be aware that the process prior to publication of the report is confidential.” He added: “We are very pleased with the judgements that have been made. “We recognise this is our first inspection since incorporation and there are areas of the college that still require improvement, if we are to achieve our objective of being recognized as an outstanding specialist technical college.” Please read more at


How can you best involve people with lived experience of the criminal justice system in designing and delivering your services? Clinks are running two events to inform and grow this aspect of the sector. Service user involvement managers’ network | 24th February, Plymouth, £25 | B

Whether you’re new to service user involvement or have plentiful experience, this specialist networking event will give you the chance to share your ideas and expertise. We’ll also hear from voluntary sector organisations leading the way in best practice and from experts by experience who are now helping to shape the services they use. This event is exclusive to Clinks members. Check if you’re a member here, and find out more about joining Clinks. Service user involvement training: payment, reward and benefits | 22nd March, Birmingham, £75 |How do you recognise and reward the contribution your service users make to your organisation? This can be especially difficult if they are receiving benefits, which may make paying them for their time more complicated. This training will provide you with all you need to know to pay or reward people for involvement without risking their benefits.

Interested in taking part but can’t make the events? Join the service user involvement managers’ network.


GOV.UK Verify is the new way for you to prove who you are online, so you can use services on GOV.UK safely. To show how this works please go to video at


Tip of the week I: Free katsu curry at Yo! Sushi! Details

Tip of the week 2: 40% off at The Body Shop. Details

Tip of the Week 3: 25% off homewares at Argos. Details


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