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Dear members.

This week more news and views and bids, grants and funds in conjunction with our sponsors Net Security Training Ltd. You can contact Richard and We are going out to over 3,000 people and Organisation every week and today have some 56 Pages.

Full details can be downloaded from the link below:


Ok back from Leeds and meeting with Talented Training and the MD Marios, along with Alex Miles Managing Director – West Yorkshire Learning Providers Ltd.  The only problem was journey back was 7 hours by car due to two accidents, so let’s get going.


People Plus are looking for more Partners


In terms of a recent meeting at Westfield and looking at going forward. Faith from Caramel Rock has confirmed learners aged 16-18 on traineeship fashion provision and 19+ learners who are eligible under adult learning budget have been completing fashion course and now they are seeking a prime contractor who is interested in the current number of learners we have had come forward to take up these courses, we do need for an urgent immediate partnership. If you are interested and would like more information please email


Reed in Partnership seeks partners to support our bids for the Mayor of London‘s 2019-23 European Social Fund Programme. Please visit for more info – deadline is 21st January at midday! hashtag#partnership hashtag#ESF hashtag#employment hashtag#skills hashtag#youth


Next so I have known Roger for many years and he does not ask for much often so About what he is doing now.  For the RWF Challenge 2019, I will be taking part in the Royal Windsor Triathlon, which is held on Sunday 16th June 2019.  I’ve never done anything like this before and will either do all 3 disciplines or I might be part of a relay team and have a swimmer join me as I only learnt to swim in March 2018 and understandably (I think) I am a little apprehensive about the swim part of this challenge.  The distances are Olympic (1500m Swim, 40k Bike, 10k Run) or Sprint (750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run).  Please support me in this and make a donation to help support The RWF to do more amazingly positive, Life Changing work with people with convictions. Thank you, Roger


 Ok some jobs available list is further down if not for you maybe a friend?


 The ESFA Delivery Manager Andrew Howe on how replica environments support rollout confidence and protect user experience. Talk of “top-secret replicas” and people would be forgiven for thinking of sinister sci-fi clones … but exactly the opposite is true within the apprenticeship service, where our production replica environments have provided a safe space to test new features, saving money and people power.

The replicas, which were proposed and implemented by delivery manager Andrew Howe and AI (Artificial Intelligence) data consultant Rob Tanner, are faithful copies of production environments. Andrew said: “The replicas allow a new product or service to be “tried out” before it is released publicly. “Security is of paramount importance and access is strictly governed, limited to four people at a time. “The replica environments also support the apprenticeship service delivery teams. This means we can run new processes and procedures alongside features and functions, so we can be certain that we are prepared for each release. “When we proposed the replica environments, our deputy director Eileen Logie instantly saw their potential and has fully supported the initiative from the start.

“We built a team of developers and developer operations engineers and we delivered the first replica environment, Data Collections (DC), within 12 weeks of project launch.

“The DC replica enabled us to start testing and assuring our month end payment process. We followed with the replication of the apprenticeship service, which was completed about 6 weeks ago, including a full copy of production data.

“It was challenging work. We had to make sure we were creating the right thing and keep our eyes on the final objectives. “For the first time we can now say, hand on heart, that we can experience the apprenticeship service through the eyes of the employers or training providers using it. “We can see instantly what’s working well and quickly identify where we can make improvements.  “Our replica environments test a new product or function, taking the element of guesswork away. Calls to the help desk around month end have reduced, so we know it works.” Andrew, Rob and the team are now looking at replica environments to support new data management solutions.


Ok so where are we well we have lots going on: London ESF for GLA and NEET, Tees Valley AEB.  Then the New RoATP being done and open ok we only have ability with the Team to do some 4 more this Month.  As our retained clients come first.

The West Midlands Combined Authority AEB now about to go into action.

On any of these please let know you are interested.


Ok in terms of things Kirsty Bortoft (Rudra Devi)  We are offering wellness days/weeks in companies. If you do know anyone whom you think would benefit from this service, please do pass on my details. Massive forward thank you. ‘Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to’


Ok Posts / Jobs out there part and Full time? CVs to me

  • First up Two SIA Trainers required North East required having Loyalty, Empathy, Ability and Skills knowledge.
  • Health and Social Care Assessors’ Trainers Ipswich, Maningtree, Colchester.
  • Training Department Lead Co-ordinator South London
  • Project Manager Pan London HSC
  • Company for sale details could be run anywhere Company or sale £2,800 please see Inventory


The Department for Education has been criticised for spending tens of thousands of pounds on apprenticeship advisers, as a government-created careers guidance organisation says its own consultants are not “experts” on the subject. 

A contract worth between £60,000 and £78,000 is on offer from the DfE for a supplier who can provide apprenticeship advisers to attend higher education exhibitions run by UCAS around the country.  The advisers, who will need to “provide expert apprenticeship advice and support to potential apprentices, parents and influencers on apprenticeships and traineeships”, will have to attend a minimum of 35 events, and no more than 50. The higher education exhibitions currently listed online begin in Surrey on February 25, and finish almost seven months later in Edinburgh on September 17. According to the UCAS website, the events “help students explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities and discover a future that’s right for them”.

However, concerns have been raised over why this does not fall under the remit of the Careers and Enterprise Company, which was created in 2015 to “transform the provision and advice for young people and inspire them about the opportunities offered by the world of work”. Robert Halfon, former skills minister and chair of the Commons education select committee, said it was “not clear why more duplication and expense are necessary”.



Every now and again we focus on companies that may help you this week Muscle Media Marketing, we work primarily with Health, Wellness and Fitness brands to explode their businesses using digital marketing.

In the 2 years we have been operating, we have worked with many different businesses in different industries including gyms, physical therapists, personal trainers, boutique gyms, chiropractors, dentists, Botox clinics, contractors, design and construction companies, accountants, law firms, letting agents, and more. We have NEVER had an unsatisfied client.

Typically, we find that before we step in to help a business, they are running around town like a chicken with their head cut off doing direct mail or sitting around and waiting for the next referral to come their way.   Those strategies are outdated, and for businesses who are looking for rapid growth, we offer the best solution.

Most agencies will give you a cookie cutter marketing plan, and the results are always minimal. It is a waste of time! All of our clients are very important to us. We create custom marketing plans that drive real tangible results, weather that is more clients, more contracts, more customers or selling more products. Every outcome we strive for has the purpose of bringing revenue to our clients businesses.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, “okay, what do you actually do and how can you help me?”

Well, here is the list of our services:

  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising
  • Google/Bing PPC
  • Web Design and Build
  • Sales Funnels
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management

If you are a business owner looking for rapid growth, then get in touch. Who knows if we would be a good fit to work together, but it is definitely worth a chat. Email


 Hello everyone, this is my second week on Sam’s Wall and it’s great to be here talking to you. As you may know by now I share a range of business, mentoring and charity news. 

Firstly, let me say I had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting the knowledgeable and talented Steve Lawrence this week in Leeds and enjoyed being shown the very beautiful and quirky Quebecs Hotel which is where Steve was based for a couple of days of meetings, it’s based in the centre.

This grade 1 listed building with a beautiful hidden boardroom, original stained glass windows with coats of arms also heralds a team of veey helpful and friendly staff who work hard to make it a home from home.  If you get chance you should check the hotel out and Caroline who runs everything over there can really give you a great tour along with the interesting history of the building’s origination (once a men’s liberal club).


Now, this is something I need your help with because a young woman is about to lose her life this month if we don’t make the amount of money needed for a lifesaving operation!!!

I’m hoping you’ll all take a few moments to read something urgent that has come to my attention this week!  I’m a member of a large business networking organisation ( and this week, I came across Janine L Mitchell who has also been a member for 4.5 years.

Janine happens to be in a time sensitive battle to raise enough funds to save her friends life, a lady who is also a fellow therapist, 32 year old mother of 2 young children, Samantha.

Janine runs a company called Change for Success ( )

she is a fully qualified practitioner in hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), she also exceptional at providing you the tools to overcome stress and anxiety!Janine has run many successful workshops in the North West, she’s just recently moved her practise into new rooms, now based on Deans gate in Central MCR.


However, recently Janine received some truly devastating news about her close friend and talented colleague, Samantha, a 32 year old loving mother of two young children.

Samantha has just been diagnosed with an extremely rare brain condition and MUST HAVE lifesaving neurosurgery ASAP, without this she will die.

Samantha’s operation can’t be done in this country; she MUST go abroad for the treatment.

The NHS won’t pay for the treatment to take place.


There’s no choice if she is to live, urgent funds need raising right now  for Samantha in what is now a critical race against time in order for her surgery to go ahead later this month.

There’s STILL a long way to go yet to raise the necessary funds to hit the surgery target date.  If the funds aren’t raised then the surgery can’t be paid for and will be cancelled.


“A New Year A New You”  On Tuesday 5th February, 7pm – 9pm, Janine will he running a workshop in Lymm, Cheshire called “A New Year A New You.”


All funds raised from the workshop go straight towards Samantha’s lifesaving operation!!

WHY ATTEND? The workshop helps a range of people; whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or experiencing pressures from your job or current life situation which are causing you stress and negatively impacting you. Stress and fatigue typically lead to a loss of focus and clarity and an inability to cope well at optimum level to achieve your goals. When under stress and experiencing lack of sleep we’re hindered for getting through each day successfully.  On a long term basis trying to cope like this without understanding how to address your stress and anxieties often leads to a downward spiral of depression.

Janine teaches you highly effective tried and tested mind-set techniques which truly work, she effectively enables you to tap into coping strategies (the feedback she has received from those that have worked with her already is phenomenal – Please see her Change For Success page link / website above for these).

What is provided here in her workshop are truly life changing strategies which you can implement immediately and early for the year ahead to make a truly positive impact in 2019.

Janine’s techniques WILL lead to personal and business success


Normally a workshop would cost £125.00 however; Janine would accept a minimum donation of £25 per person to attend.  BOOK

“A New Year, A New You”


Obviously, not everyone can attend the workshop, however, you can still donate and every single penny counts in this race against time.


Donations can be made via: •Paypal:



Tip of the week I: Seven nights in Majorca from £99, including flights. Details


Tip of the week 2: Two for one main at Pizza Express. Details


Tip of the week 3: 60 days free Taste card membership. Details


From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

Non-Executive Director at Five Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd East Essex Vocational Training Limited

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