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This week more news and views and bids, grants and funds in conjunction with our sponsors Net Security Training Ltd. You can contact Richard at and We are going out to over 3,000 people and Organisations every week and today have some 50 Pages.

Full details can be downloaded from the link below:


 Ok this week lots of things going on the GLA AEB bids they appear to be asking for things then not asking and saying things and then saying was not a problem.  


Apprenticeships found to be planned with less than the minimum 20 per cent off-the-job training will be “ineligible and all funding would be recovered”, FE Week can reveal. The off-the-job training policy has prompted controversy and confusion since it was introduced in 2017.  In an attempt to provide some clarity, the Department for Education published guidance earlier this month that attempted to bust certain “myths” about the rule.  It didn’t, however, clarify what the sanctions are for noncompliance.

 FE Week asked the DfE when it would take money back from providers that didn’t comply with it, and was told those who fail to plan sufficient hours would have all the funding clawed back, while others will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

“If a provider is not providing 20 per cent off-the-job training for learners, we would assess the situation and decide a course of action which could include taking back funding,” a spokesperson said. He then clarified that it will ask non-compliant providers for apprentices’ commitment statements, for evidence of how much off-the-job training they planned to deliver.  Those that are found to have planned to deliver less than the minimum would have their funding recovered as the programme would be considered ineligible. The spokesperson explained that: “If the commitment statement is not compliant then this makes the programme ineligible and all funding would be recovered.”

However, those that intended to deliver at least 20 per cent but only had evidence for less than the minimum would be given the opportunity to provide additional evidence. Since the beginning of 2018/19 providers have had the option of completing a new data field in the individual learner record to show that they are complying with the rule.


 Qualification: Construction City and Guilds Qualification Code: Various

UPDATES Construction Telephone Surgeries

We are recommencing our popular telephone surgeries open to all centres delivering Construction qualifications. This is your opportunity to talk directly with Technical Advisers Paul Brown and Ian Roberts to get support and guidance on our construction qualifications and policy. The surgeries we will be available every Friday during term time from 12 noon until 3pm. commencing Friday 1st March.

  • Paul Brown Tel: 07872 463185 or • Ian Roberts Tel: 07826 903967

Please note: Please feel free to contact either Paul or Ian at any other time during the working week.


Ok in terms of things Kirsty Bortoft (Rudra Devi)  We are offering wellness days/weeks in companies. If you do know anyone whom you think would benefit from this service, please do pass on my details. Massive forward thank you. ‘Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to’


The National Apprenticeship Event and Conference on Friday 22nd March 2019 at The ICC in Birmingham – The Midlands Largest Apprenticeship Show. hashtag#Employers and hashtag#Training Providers don’t miss the chance to showcase your business to the next generation of hashtag#emerging talent hashtag#apprentices hashtag#futuretalent. Go to for more information.


Nick says Just a quick email to let you know first that I’ll be running all new DSAT workshops for the 2018/19 ILR on a Friday in central London in the coming weeks – with separate days for each funding stream (allowing for much more dedicated time with Karl the auditor to go through worked examples).

15 Feb – apprenticeships – click here for more info

22 Feb – AEB – click here for more info

1 March – 16-19 study programmes – click here for more info


 Lots going on: South West is now up and running AEB combined Authority then the London ESF for GLA and NEET is back on, Tees Valley AEB. Then the New RoATP being done and open ok we only have ability with the Team to do some 4 more this Month.  The West Midlands Combined Authority AEB now about to go into action.


The GLA has announced the launch of the Start Up, Step Up London Programme, with a closing date for application of 17:00 Friday 8 March 2019. This £500k entrepreneurship programme has been developed as part of the Mayor’s continued commitment to promote a fair and inclusive economy for Londoners. It will provide Londoners with the skills to access entrepreneurship and/or grow their business. It will focus on supporting underrepresented group, particularly women, disabled people and ethnic minorities, to help reduce the employment gap amongst those who face labour market disadvantages. Start up, Step Up London is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the London Growth Hub. Full details and application forms are available here…/growth-hubesf-funding-opportuni….

On any of these please let know you are interested.


Many providers have an interest in foreign exchange: Jack explains why Rational Foreign Exchange is one of the UK’s leading global foreign exchange and payments companies.  Our founders Rajesh Agrawal, (also Deputy Mayor of London for Business) and Paresh Davdra (Co-Founder and CEO of Xendpay), were keen to discover ways in which individuals and businesses could transfer their money across the world, in the most economical and efficient way.

Since starting out in 2005, with just a laptop and a total of $3,000 we have expanded globally, with over 180,000 registered clients entrusting us to manage their global payments, in over 200 different countries. To date we have made international payments in excess of $10 Billion and made global payments in over 50 different currencies. We have a strong international presence and a HQ based in the financial capital of London: Canary Wharf.

Here at RationalFX we cater to the requirements of all sizes, ranging from sole traders up and SME’s, to large PLCs. We tailor our currency exchange solutions to the specific requirements of your business, whilst enabling you to make your overseas payments cost-effectively.

At RationalFX, we have over ten years of experience within the foreign exchange markets. Our team of professionals are here to provide you and your business with strategies for protection against fluctuations in the market.

CONSULTIVE CURRENCY AUDIT: Gaining an in-depth understanding of your business will allow us to improve the timing of your currency transactions. We offer all clients a free currency audit based on their historic spot and forward trades. This enables us to establish exactly how we can improve and to what extent.

Our clients also benefit from our daily, weekly market and monthly updates; keeping you up to date with all the news and events within the foreign exchange markets. We also monitor exchange rates on your behalf and keep you informed of any movements in the financial markets that may affect you and your business.

There are a range of different contracts that RationalFX can offer to suit your specific foreign exchange requirements. Our team of currency specialists are on hand to explain how each contract can be of benefit to your business.


  • Make a currency exchange with us on-the-spot.
  • Your currency will be exchanged at the live market rate; giving you the best rate available.

Ideal if you require a business payment to be made urgently.


  • Fix an exchange rate with us today, for a specific date, up to two years in advance.
  • Allows you to protect your business from fluctuations in currency prices.

Ideal if you need to budget for a currency exchange in the future.

  • Enables you to target a desired exchange rate that is not yet available on the live market.
  • We will automatically purchase the currency on your behalf once the rate is reached

Ideal if you do not have any payment deadlines.

  • Instructs your foreign exchange trader to purchase currency, if the exchange rate goes below a specified figure.
  • Triggers when the market drops to undesirable levels to protect you against the rate continuing to fall.

Ideal if you wish to protect a budgeted exchange rate.

CONTACT US Email: Telephone: 02072208181



 Ok Posts / Jobs out there part and Full time? CVs to me

  • Maths and English and possibly ITC. It would only basic M&E and is needed in Leeds, Halifax and Huddersfield. Part time Hours and days to suit.
  • Health and Social Care Assessors’ Trainers Ipswich, Maningtree, Colchester.
  • Looking for Primes with Loans funding available for Associates
  • AEB Funding required by two Charities

Emails or CV to


 Also a cash-strapped college has spent almost £2 million of the bailout cash it received from the government on bank charges – although it has actually saved money. Stoke on Trent College successfully bid for a reported £21.9 million from the Department for Education’s restructuring facility in September.

According to its recently published 2017/18 accounts, £1.93 million of this cash went on “break costs”. These are the fees levied by a bank for repaying a loan earlier than agreed, to compensate it for lost interest.  “Most people who have received fixed-term or fixed-interest loans or mortgages in their personal or business lives will have also experienced this penalty when repaying loans early,” said Denise Brown, Stoke on Trent College’s principal. Read more at


Hello all!  Welcome this week, once more to Sam’s Wall!

We’re nearly through January, notoriously a long, dark month following December festivities, towards the end of February though the days will start to get notably longer and we’ll be seeing nearly 2 hours extra daylight than we did in December. Hurray!!

Well, there’s plenty going on in the North West and Manchester area that I wanted to talk to you about and whilst Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s ‘Bed for a Night’ scheme Greater Together Manchester Winter Night Shelters hit some difficult times in the last few weeks due to electrical problems and the temporary closure of one of the sites, it is, in fact, still going strong and I’m happy to say I’m part of the team and awaiting my next training session so I can carry on getting stuck in. Volunteers are always welcome and low on the ground!!


 The Launch Project: I wanted to draw your attention to some excellent organisations and people doing so much to make Greater Manchester a happier and healthier community, one such organisation is The Launch Project, run by Natalie Jane Lek who, whilst being a mum of 5 children suffering with M.E. working full time and completing a law degree, dedicates a huge amount of her time to helping others,

The launch Project is not funded, it completely relies on donations and they strive to help those in social isolation, homeless, rough sleepers, those living in poverty and the elderly through regular fundraising events and activities.  I’m honored to have been asked to be an ambassador for this incredible organisation. If you’d like to get involved they are always looking for volunteers and sponsors!!

Three Minute Theatre

The second organisation is Three Minute Theatre based in Central Manchester and run by Gina Topliff Frost (who suffers with Asperger’s), she runs it with her husband John and the theatre has been around for a great many years, encouraging and promoting new writers, female playwrights and students, it also runs apprenticeships and training for younger people. Not only this, the theatre runs projects which help raise awareness and funds for those suffering with mental health issues, this includes festivals and events to help older men and women in our society struggling with Asperger’s and Dyslexia.  One of their more recent projects is a Vegan Cafe which makes Vegan food and drink affordable to everyday people, the cafe runs regular cooking classes and events and is educational on wellbeing, nutrition and health.

I’m honored to have been asked to become actively involved on the board of The Square Circle Theatre CIC (part of Three Minute Theatre).

If you or anyone you know is based in Greater Manchester (or even if you aren’t!) and would like to get involved with these incredible organisations then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.  The Lancashire Apprenticeship and Career Expo

Finally, I wanted to bring to your attention a fantastic expo which is taking place in the Greater Manchester area this March.  The Lancashire Apprenticeship and Careers Expo

This is the largest expo of its’ kind and takes place on 26th of March 2019 – 12 noon to 7pm at Preston Guild Hall, bringing together potential apprentices, employers and educators all under one roof!


The excellent Shout Network is responsible for organising this and a range of others in the local area, check the website for information on some of the North West’s largest business exhibitions!

Click the link below for specific information and to register for The Lancashire Apprenticeship and Careers Expo!  Delegates from all over the UK are welcome and it’s free to attend!


Tip of the week I: Get money off vegan meals for Veganuary at participating vendors. Details

Tip of the week 2: Free £20 eye test at Optical Express. Details

Tip of the week 3: Three- seven night all-inclusive stay in Croatia with return flights from £149. Details


From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

Non-Executive Director at Five Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd East Essex Vocational Training Limited

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