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Dear members.

This week more news and views and bids, grants and funds in conjunction with our sponsors Net Security Training Ltd. You can contact Richard at and We are going out to over 3,000 people and Organisations every week and today have some 43 Pages.

Full details can be downloaded from the link below:


Ok what a week! Well as you can see, we have a change in our layout. This is part of the EEVT re brand and changes; hope it is better, this is our 9th year of the Newsletters. So many thanks to Lisa for her work on this.


Next are some items of warning; one provider was unfortunately hacked and is now trying to recover near to £20,000.00 Please check your IT.


Next, we have noticed many people do not update their Policies and Procedures. Another Key item is the date created and version control; Ofsted like to see this done.


Also, as we go through the process of the NEW RoATP we have so far with our Colleagues undertaken around 19 and we have some 3 more places available for next Month. And just a reminder – if you are not on the register by 1st August you cannot deliver any apprenticeships. The waiting time is said to be going from 6 to 8 weeks and remember the £100k Level does not apply any more.  We have now some four places available for ROATP application’s this month.  We have some 5 booked so far for April and 1 for May.


I also see lots of people reporting that they have no AEB funds and they have the learners or the like and want funds I do understand but I only have 12 clients and they come first.


Ok so lots of Changes on the Apprentices Funds and Guidance all take in place from the 1st of April, so items around the levy use and Supply Chain going to 25%, then the Employer contribution going down to 5%.  Then of course the threats around, APL and Induction and 20% off the job training.  Please see at:


Also, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) published the adult education budget (AEB) funding rules for the 2019 to 2020 funding year (1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020).  With providers still finalising their curriculum plans.


So AEB and devolution: Most people who had a contract as a prime have been given their letter on the funding format items going forward.  It however appears that the specified Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCAs) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) will publish their own AEB funding rules so if you are grant funded or your organisation wins a procured contract for AEB check the devolved area rules for learner eligibility including low wage.  The GLA made it clear they intend to use the London Living Wage as the low wage threshold.

Low wage eligibility: Last year the ESFA introduced the low wage eligibility.  This was very well received by the sector and remains in place for next year.  This rule enables providers with AEB funding to fully fund employed learners on low wages for qualifications up to and including level 2.  Currently the low wage threshold is £15,736.50 with next year seeing this increase to a national rate of £16,009.50.  We have already seen the positive impact on the use of qualifications to support employed learners to progress in the workplace.  ESOL is a subject area that has benefited from this enabling English skill for those who need it most to progress to better jobs, higher wages and increased social mobility.

Then Local Flexibility: No movement on the rules for learners aged 19-23 without a full level 2.  There are many reasons why learners haven’t achieved a full level 2 and it would have been sensible to fund level 2 qualifications alongside their full level 2 to give them every chance of success not just entry and level 1 qualifications.


Two organisations looking for buyers at this time one would look at an investor.

First one £100,000.00 next one details once you have done a Non-Disclosure.


The managing director of the Federation of Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS) has stepped down with immediate effect, FE Week can reveal.

Mark Froud has left the federation, which represents the 21 sector skills councils across England, after six years at the helm. In an email seen by FE Week, the FISSS independent chair Dame Julie Mellor said: “Mark Froud will be leaving the Federation at the end of March 2019 and will be on leave until then.


Interserve goes into Administration.  What is Interserve?

Shareholders at Interserve, which employs 45,000 people in the UK, today failed to secure investor backing for a rescue plan, meaning lenders who lent the company more than £600 million will now seize control of it, according to the BBC.

The outsourcing firm is one of the UK’s largest public services providers. The firm started in dredging and construction, and from there has diversified into a wide range of services, such as healthcare and catering, for clients in government and industry.

It sells services, including probation, cleaning and healthcare, and is involved in construction projects. Interserve is the largest provider of probation services in England and Wales, supervising about 40,000 “medium-low risk offenders” for the Ministry of Justice.

Its infrastructure projects include improving the M5’s Junction 6 near Worcester, refurbishing the Rotherham Interchange bus station in Yorkshire, and upgrading sewers and water pipes for Northumbrian Water. Hospital contracts include a a £35m contract at King George Hospital in east London for cleaning, security, meals, waste management and maintenance. Not too sure what will happen with the Education Arm for Apprentice with nearly 5,000 apprentices on its books, it says do not worry.


Jackie Lowthian has taken up her new role as Clinks’ Women’s Network Coordinator. Jackie has an in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system with particular expertise in relation to vulnerable women.

 She has extensive experience of voluntary sector work to address the complex, multiple needs of women in criminal justice dating back to 1989 when she managed a Nacro service in London, the Women Prisoners’ Resource Centre, going on from there to develop and run other services for women nationally. She subsequently moved into policy work and research. Jackie is thrilled to now be working alongside colleagues in Clinks to support members and looks forward to engaging widely with organisations offering specialist services to women.

She can be contacted on 07891 293093 or by email


Vacancies on the jobs board this week include: Communications Officer with Clinks [London], Partnerships Manager with Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) [Home based – South West], Family Support Worker with Ormiston Families [HMP Highpoint], Sexual and Reproduction Health Nurse with MASH (Manchester Action on Street Health) [Manchester], Lecturer in Functional Skills (English & Maths) with Weston College [HMP Standford Hill], Lecturer in Beauty with Weston College [HMP Send], Senior Offender Resettlement Worker with Shelter [HMP Manchester], Clinical Practitioner with Waymarks [Yorkshire and the Humber], Finance Manager (part-time) with The Irene Taylor Trust [Southwark], , Trustee with Prisoners Abroad [Islington].

For more information about these vacancies, and many more, click here


AWARDS: young people

Nominations are open for Leap Confronting Conflict‘s Lighting the Fire Awards. The awards celebrate adults, young people, projects and organisations that support young people to manage conflict in their lives. There are three awards categories. The deadline for nominations is 5pm 1st April.


Ofqual has ruled itself out of delivering the apprenticeship external quality assurance service for the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

Sally Collier, the chief executive of the exams regulator, told the Commons education committee during an accountability hearing this morning that her organisation would like to expand its role in monitoring apprenticeship end-point assessment organisations.

However, when asked by committee chair Robert Halfon if Ofqual bid in the institute’s recent tender to do the quality assurance on its behalf, for 262 of the 410 standards approved for delivery, Collier revealed they had not.

It would not seem appropriate for a regulator to bid for a contract with another part of government

“No, it would not seem appropriate for a regulator to bid for a contract with another part of government,” she said.

There are currently 18 approved external quality assurance (EQA) bodies that monitor end-point assessment organisations, to ensure the process is “fair, consistent and robust”.

Ofqual is the external quality assurer for 61 standards, but many in the sector have questioned why the whole job isn’t given to the exams regulator.

Collier told the education committee today that her organisation has done a “good job in proving that as the regulator we can do this job and can do it well” and they are “ready to take on a larger role”.

“It is complex and confusing in places, I think we can bring some clarity to the process,” she explained.

“As the independent regulator and having end-point assessments independently regulated in the same way that other types of qualifications are I think that would help public trust and confidence in the system.”

But to expand their role, Ofqual would “need more people and more resource to do that”.

She agreed with Halfon that it is “unnecessary” to have so many different bodies doing apprenticeship regulation.

Concerns have been raised that EQA has added “another unnecessary administration cost” to the apprenticeships system, after FE Week last month revealed the “ridiculous variability” in approved external quality assurance charges.

EQA bodies are allowed to apply a charge as long as it is on a “cost-recovery basis” – the amount of which is taken directly from the government funding given to training providers to deliver the apprenticeship.

But FE Week found the charges range from a free service to a whopping £179 per apprentice.

Ofqual does not charge for the service.

I think we can bring some clarity to the process

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education also does not currently charge for its EQA service, but this will change come May.

It launched a tender at the end of January for an organisation to provide quality assurance for apprenticeships assessment on its behalf until the end of March 2021.

Open Awards has held the contract to deliver this service since August 2017, which was worth an initial £160,000 and did not charge per apprentice, but this will end in March.

Tender documents for the new contract, seen by FE Week, state that “legislation allows the institute to charge end point assessment organisations (EPAOs) a fee per apprentice that undertakes an end-point assessment and it is these fees that will pay for the EQA service”.

The winning bidder is expected to earn at least half a million pounds over the two-year contract period.

The new contract doesn’t start until May, meaning there is a month-long gap where no permanent organisation is in place to do the EQA for the institute.

It has been forced into hastily finding “interim” arrangements for the month, but in a recent interview with FE Week, the institute’s boss Sir Gerry Berragan remained tight-lipped about the plans, other than to say: “Rest assured there are arrangements in place.”


Welcome to Sam’s Wall this week!

I want to draw your attention to the Outstanding Citizen Awards which are now OPEN!

This is your chance to nominate unsung heroes from across the West Midlands who are being given their moment in the spotlight.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner are behind the launch of the Outstanding Citizens Awards 2019 which celebrates those who make our communities safer and happier places to live and work.

David Jamieson is giving people the opportunity to show their appreciation to unsung heroes who are worthy of special recognition for outstanding acts of good citizenship.

The deadlines for nominations is 18th April 2019 and the ceremony will take place on 11th July 2019 where winners and runners-up will be announced.

There are three awards categories up for grabs including:

  • Outstanding Citizen
  • Outstanding Young Citizen (under 18s)
  • Outstanding Community Project

So, if you know a tireless community campaigner or a member of the public who went above and beyond, nominate them now!

Public Space Protection Order in Manchester City Centre

The second thing I want to talk about is something that has upset and angered a lot of people in the Greater Manchester area (and beyond) which is that Richard Leese and Manchester City Council are proposing to implement a Public Space Protection Order, covering Manchester city centre, which would criminalise many of the city’s homeless people.

Across the country, several local authorities have tried to introduce similar policies and each time a petition and public pressure has stopped this from happening. With your support we can, together, stop Manchester City Council from criminalising people in poverty and find solutions to help people rather than vilifying and burdening them further.

These proposals risk punishing any homeless person seeking shelter from the elements or simply taking up space on the pavement. If this goes ahead then it will create a hostile environment for anyone begging in the city centre. If a person were to breach the order, they would be liable for a fine of up to £100. Fining and prosecuting Manchester’s most vulnerable people is like something from the Victorian era of the workhouse.

Criminalising homeless people for being homeless will only make the problem worse.

If you feel as strongly as I do about it please sign the petition below to stop the enforcement of this public space protection order:

Have a great week everyone!


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All from me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

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