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This week more news and views and bids, grants and funds in conjunction with our sponsors Net Security Training Ltd. You can contact Richard at and We are going out to over 3,000 people and Organisations every week and today have a BUMPER EDITION of some 57 Pages.

Full details of all bids and grants can be downloaded from the link below:


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A new post, “‘Quick, intuitive, easy’: How we have improved apprenticeship service applications for end-point assessment organisations” has just been published on the ESFA Digital blog. We are launching a new digital system to improve the process for end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs) submitting applications to assess apprenticeship standards. The learning requirements for standards are set out in an assessment plan.

Read the new post:


Seetec, a leading provider of employment, skills, apprenticeship and justice services, today confirms that Pluss, an award-winning social enterprise and leading UK disability employment specialist, has joined the Seetec Group.

Pluss is a Community Interest Company that supports thousands of people each year to achieve a career and fulfil their true potential. Pluss is a prime contractor for DWP and delivers a range of prestigious contracts for various commissioners including the Work and Health Programme across 26 nationwide locations.

The businesses combine 80 years’ experience delivering a range of national and local procured employment programmes on behalf of Department of Work and Pensions, MOJ, European Social Fund, National Lottery Community Fund, local authorities and the NHS in a newly formed company ‘Seetec Pluss’, part of the Seetec Group.

By joining forces and expertise, Seetec and Pluss aim to develop innovative ways of working that will inspire even more people to achieve a career and reach their true potential.

 Seetec Executive Director of Employability Chris Harrison said: “We are delighted that Pluss has joined our business. Our immediate priority is for commissioners, service users and stakeholders to realise an immediate, and sustainable, benefit from our shared ethos and passion and combined expertise through a strengthening of delivery and support, especially on the Work and Health Programme, the DWP’s flagship employability programme. I am incredibly excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to working with our new colleagues.”

Pluss CEO Steve Hawkins said: “The benefits of coming together with Seetec will be to bolster the capability of both our organisations, increase our geographical coverage and maximise the number of people that we are able to support. It will also enable us to invest in the business immediately.”


I have two clients looking for small but active companies looking to sell must have ROTO and ROATP and some activity.


Jamie’s Jobs this week

Apprenticeship coach// Herts // up to 27k// wholesale and or retail experience

Trainee dental nurse assessors //Northampton//23-25k

Tutor/trainer citb site safety health and safety awareness // Ipswich// freelance

ASL tutor // south London// £on experience


There is a theme across four stories in FE Week this week which combined might suggest there is a critical business problem with funding rules and data requirements – complexity. Nick says “Let’s look at the stories in turn”.…/creeping-complexity-has-reached-cri…/
Me I agree, but I think it is deeper than that when I look at it that I see the following the: ESFA want to control Awarding body’s size power and earnings.

The ESFA employ people who do not understand the industry and how it works and also they give power to people who have no clue about delivery hence Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education staff have 120 Apprenticeships without an EPAO which as a Business Model is flawed.

The whole understanding of Costs to deliver is lost on people who are so far away from the front line and also understanding what the required bottom line would be to deliver Quality.

Also the starving of the Industry of Funds as they see Devolution kicking in: You have 25% of the year left and no real funds for AEB, Apprentice funds for non-Levy running out.

I see a flawed system of bids for AEB as they have no validation on the system they created for Spreadsheets and then knocked out 100 s of Applications on one lot but hundreds get through on the next lot.  Time after time lots of contracts with good funds going to Big players with 17 areas recipe for failure also the situation of Top slice to make the big more powerful and the small unable to grow. I could give another 30 things that are all crazy like the four areas Nick has focused on.  After months of people trying to talk to account mangers, they say they will now be talking to people and be available.


Welcome to Sam’s Wall!

 This week I wanted to concentrate on the importance of empowering our younger generation, particularly in view of the political climate in our country and the fact that it is younger people that are always the ones who have to pick up the political baton once it has been dropped!

So, the question is, why should young people suffer for the poor political decisions of adults?  I feel it is essential that younger people are given the opportunity to better understand the political landscape, the reasons we are where we are and the rich political history of our country and regions.

 It isn’t just about poor choices; it’s about celebrating victories and passing on the pride of such movements as the Suffragettes and their fight for equal voting rights.

Ultimately, we all want to make the world a better place and the earlier we educate our younger generation and equip them with the information they need to understand how our political system works, where they can have their own voices heard and how to go about it …. Well this can only be a good thing! This brings me to talking about a very inspiring and important event I attended last Thursday 4th April in Manchester which brought together a range of influential figure heads in Greater Manchester, all of whom stand for political justice, equal rights and social action.

This is a call to action to help Power Up the next generation!

Rise Voice Vote

This programme was first piloted in Greater Manchester last year (marking 100 years since the right to vote publicly was won by the Women’s Suffrage!) Whilst the programme is available in Greater Manchester (and so far, 7 schools have been actively and enthusiastically involved), the objective is to not only spread this to further schools in the region but to encourage the programme to be taken up in educational institutions and youth focused organisations across the UK. It is with hope that people reading this will be inspired to help take this scheme further and see the importance of it.

Rise, Voice, Vote launched as a youth engagement project which connects young people aged 10-19 years old with the history of suffrage in Manchester and with contemporary campaigns in their local area, in order to celebrate and inspire young local activism and the fight for equality through shared stories, learning and participation.

This project was formulated in partnership between The Pankhurst Centre in Manchester and Happen Together CIC and is supported by Carol Ann Whitehead of The Zebra Partnership (Twitter account as the website is temporarily unavailable). The project equips young people with the resources and tools to mount their own campaigns and make their voices heard on issues they care about.

The Greater Manchester programme currently includes a visit to the Pankhurst Centre, an in-school workshop, the co-development of a toolkit and on-line resources, and a campaign hack day.  Thursday, was when the toolkit for this project was launched in Manchester; the toolkit is specifically for young people of School Years 6 – 11 in the Greater Manchester area (but is freely available for anyone in the UK to access, adapt and use to meet needs in any learning context)!!  The toolkit is designed to support teachers, youth and community workers to reproduce stimulating activities which empower young people. The sessions connect with women-led and other political activism of the past and present to inspire the political participation of young people.

Rise – Protest and activism, campaigning tools and tactics

Voice – Being heard and amplifying voices, ways and spaces to be heard.

Vote – The right to suffrage and exercising the vote, exploring representation.

Inspire the younger generation and help them find and amplify their political voices !!

Find out more about the project and how you can get involved here:

All the resources you need for the toolkit are here

Feel free to connect with Carol Ann Whitehead on her Twitter account mentioned above to find out more.  Connect with the Pankhurst Centre via Facebook and Twitter @PankhurstCentre to find out more.  See you all next time and I hope you all have a great week!


All from me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

Non-Executive Director at Five Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd East Essex Vocational Training Limited

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