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This week more news and views and bids, grants and funds in conjunction with our sponsors Net Security Training Ltd. You can contact Richard at and We are going out to over 3,000 people and Organisations every week and today have a BUMPER Edition of 52 Pages.

Full details of all bids and grants can be downloaded from the link below:


Matt Harvey invites you to a great event on the 28th of June 2019.

Digital Skills Solutions would like to personally invite you and your colleagues to join us and celebrate Employability Day 2019 with our “Partners & Referral” event held at our technical training center in Stratford.

The day will include employability taster sessions focused around digital skills for the workplace, interview techniques, CV writing and tours of our technical training facilities. This will be a fantastic way to network and meet the DSS delivery team over refreshments, a light lunch and the opportunity to find out how you can refer your customers to our training programmes and apprenticeships.

Please register yourself and colleagues at the following link

Book at


Awarding organisations are considering calling on the government to create an independent process for qualification funding approvals in a bid to stop decisions being driven by short-term political goals.

Their representative association, the Federation of Awarding Bodies, has floated the idea of setting up an “Independent Commission for Qualification and Apprenticeship Funding Approvals”.  The federation believes the existing process by which ministers decide how and which qualifications are funded, such as the current review of qualifications at level 3 and below, currently “lacks transparency”.

It fears that this review, which is likely to result in the loss of thousands of applied general qualifications, including BTECs, is a way of pushing out these long-standing qualifications to ensure that parents and young people opt for new T-levels in order to make them a success.

“There is widespread concern that decisions lack integrity and are not based on the real long-term needs of the economy and wider society,”

FAB’s chief executive Tom Bewick said, adding that the decisions are driven by “short-term political considerations”.


Public sector apprenticeship reporting: The Apprenticeship Service will hold a webinar on 21 May about how to use our public sector apprenticeship reporting tool. The webinar will help public bodies who use the tool to submit an annual report on apprenticeship numbers. Eligible public bodies submitted their reports through the tool last year but since then there have been minor amendments to the tool. The tool can be found within the organisation’s manage apprenticeships account.

All public bodies in England with more than 250 employees must report on the apprenticeship target. This target is to employ at least 2.3% of the workforce as new apprenticeship starts for the period 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2021. It is assessed as an annual average over this four year period, and progress is reported annually. The deadline is 30 September but public bodies can submit and amend their report at any time up to the closing date. The 30-minute webinar will take place at 12 noon on 21 May.  For more information on changes to the tool please see the ESFA Digital blog

We use GoToMeeting to run our webinars. Please use the GoToMeeting test link to check the meeting will run on your IT systems before the webinar is due to take place:

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I have a company who have Roto and ROATP at this time looking to sell they have been in business since  2007 showing decent profits with no charges,overdrafts or borrowing etc.They have had Sub Contracts and indeed they are based in a devolved area but the Training Company could be moved to non devolved. They will be interested in offers around £60,000.00


 Ok in terms of the new rules on the ILR field change for Apprenticeship off the job training hours that will apply from August 1st. Just to be clear PLANNED hours are to be recorded on the ILR, not a record or log of actualised hours. This PLANNED number, calculated based on the working hours and typical duration of the individual apprentice should already be known to providers as should be on both the Apprenticeship Agreement and Commitment Statement already. Recording it on the ILR shouldn’t be a huge leap. Understanding the association between this number, training price and approval to enter gateway is however critical. Monitoring actualised hours is necessary just not on the ILR.


Apprenticeships The latest rules (2018 to 2019)

There are different funding rules for different apprenticeship start dates. You must follow the funding rules that apply to each apprentice.

The 2018 to 2019 rules apply to apprenticeships starting on or after 1 August 2018.

View the apprenticeship funding rules for:

View the funding rules in PDF format for:

Other documents You can also view:

Complete our survey to help us make the funding rules clearer.

The 2017 to 2018 rules

The 2017 to 2018 rules apply to apprenticeships that started between 1 August 2017 and 31 July 2018.

You can view the apprenticeship funding rules for:

Other documents You can also view:

The 2016 to 2017 rules

View the 2016 to 2017 funding rules for apprenticeships that started between 1 August 2016 and 31 July 2017.


Join a growing collective of like‑minded social organisations
The 3SC Membership Scheme. Join the 3SC membership and get the following benefits:

Improve your social business and your success in winning and delivering public sector contracts.
Free attendance at member events. First 3SC Member Event coming up on 4th June 2019 in Birmingham. More details below.
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First access to new business opportunities.
Suite of policies and procedures to tailor to your organisation’s needs.
Support with capacity building and business processes.

The first 3SC Member’s Event will take place on 4th June 2019, from 13.00 – 16.30 in Central Birmingham.

The event includes sessions on how to make even more difference and improve your organisation, social impact and social investment. Free to 3SC members and open to non-members for a small fee. For further information please go to 3SC Membership Takes Off

ESFA say we remain committed, as outlined in our adult education budget (AEB) funding and performance-management rules, to fund 3% of delivery above AEB allocations at the end of the 2018 to 2019 funding year.  In addition to this commitment, we will fund an increase of up to 50% in 19-24 traineeships delivery at the end of the funding year.  We will only fund traineeships delivery above 103% of AEB allocations if providers increase their proportion of 19-24 traineeships delivery between their R08 data return/mid-year claim and the end of the year. We will not fund an increase in non-traineeships delivery. As standard practice, providers will need to meet our track record criteria to be eligible to receive funding above their allocations. More information about our track record criteria is set out in paragraph 257 of the rules.

To ensure affordability and that the additional funding is used for increased traineeships delivery, we have set a minimum and maximum value of traineeships delivery we will fund. The minimum and maximum values of traineeships delivery only apply if delivery is more than 103% of their adult education budget allocation. If delivery is within 103% of allocations, we will fully fund all delivery. The diagrams below show how we have calculated the minimum and maximum values:

There will not be any opportunities for AEB growth for the rest of this funding year other than the commitment to fund 3% of over delivery and increased traineeships delivery as outlined above.


Jamies Job’s

Functional Skills Tutor – Temporary – London/Suffolk/Canterbury–£20-£25p/h

IT Apprenticeship Centre manager-East London-£28-£35K p/a

Learner Engagement Officer-East London- £22k-£28K p/a

Economic Tutor-SW London-   Based on Experience


Classroom to rent in Woolwich £100.00 per day details from

Bridgette Pollard


 Ok ROATP you have to have it done by a certain date and results in 6 to 8 weeks. Now I find 6 people over 4 months no result. You have to answer questions now some have delivered and some new but they expect it to reflect Apprentices why when you have not delivered. Next Employers agreement 17 pages one says to long another says to short not enough detail. Some come back and ask for complaints to be on your website others do not ! I could go on but hey Lindsey has had it brought up with her at Apprentices 4 England, Nick has been asked, others are thinking of asking the Pope how can it be right when marked by one and wrong by another when say Health and Safety policy and Procedure, has to be basically legal required items and they say it may not have a personal feel? Let me know how long you have waited? Let me know your strange answers? Or indeed strange requests?


Welcome to Sam’s Wall! I hope you’re all doing well!?

This week I wanted to start by mentioning an important meeting being held in Manchester this coming Thursday 16th May (7pm – 9pm), which is in aid of informing the public, housing activists and homeless charity workers of the realities of how the law affects homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester and how it can be used to protect them.

If you, or anyone you know in the Manchester area can attend the meeting and become better informed about the situation it is all for the greater good, we all need to take responsibility.

It goes without saying, the homeless situation in this country is at crisis point, homelessness has increased by 169% in the UK (between 2010 – 2018) and in Manchester the problem is very visible, rough sleeping has increased by 43% (between 2010 – 2016), (over 50 homeless people died last year in the city, this is the highest number of any local authority in the country).

This meeting looks at how the law is currently being used to penalise Manchester’s homeless population and how it can and should be used to help them!!

With the introduction of the recently proposed Public Space Order it seems that Manchester City Council has been determined to enforce counterproductive measures when they have a  legal right to protect and house homeless people!

Speakers include key individuals within Greater Manchester Housing Action and Lifeshare a voluntary organisation established to help meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester and Salford.


Next, it’s important that I mention this again because it’s such an influential business event for the West Midlands region!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider attending The Nachural Summer Business Ball and Awards; tickets are selling fast and that’s no surprise!!!  The ball is set to be attended by over 500 of the most influential people and companies in the businesses sector!!

This prestigious black-tie ball will be held on 28th June at Wolverhampton Racecourse; it’s run by Nachural, headed up by the incredible Ninder Johal, Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands.  The ball recognises the achievements of individuals and companies from across the West Midlands region.

 The event welcomes a wide range of businesses and individuals from all industry sectors and promises to be an unforgettable evening of enlightening presentations and spectacular entertainment along with first class Indian cuisine.

 This really is one of the most important business events on the West Midland’s Calendar !

See you next time all, I hope you have a truly productive week!


Work better with the health regulator CQC

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) wants your views to shape relationship guidance which will make clear how they’ll work with local voluntary organisations, what to expect from CQC and how you should share information with them. Spare a few minutes so they can understand how you work, what you know about them and what they can do bett


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Two nights’ accommodation in the best available room (subject to availability at the time of booking), with daily full English breakfast, for two

A 3-course dinner on the second night only


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Tip of the week III: Spanish for Beginners online course – save 96%.  Details

This is great value £8.00 only for the next 3 days


All from me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

Non-Executive Director at Five Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd East Essex Vocational Training Limited Linked In Group 2020 Vision Group 2020 Vision Training Days and 2020 Vision Newsletter


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