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This week more news and Views and bids Grants and funds.  We go out to over 3,000 people and organisations every week and today have 47 pages. 

Full details of all bids and grants can be downloaded from the link below:


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This week due to situations I will not be available Tuesday or Wednesday, I am in Victoria all day Thursday and Friday Ipswich.


This week lots going on and indeed I will not go into too many details,

A training provider with more than 2,500 learners has entered administration, FE Week has learned. Progress to Excellence Ltd (PtE) has closed down two months after it was judged ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted, leaving apprentices desperate for help to finish their course.

You will see loads of stories on the website.


Also a great location is  Promote-Ed has been created from a desire to make a difference to the education sector through promotion, the sharing of issues and campaigning for a positive change. They have a great Forums section


Information: apprenticeships training provider contract extensions

Contract extensions are being issued to training providers this week from Monday 2 March via Manage your education and skills funding service.

This is further to our announcement that it is our intention that all new apprenticeship starts, for employers of all sizes, will be managed through the apprenticeship service from 1 November 2020 and the accompanying information that until 31 October 2020 smaller employers will continue to be able to access apprenticeships through the apprenticeship service or via existing procured contracts held by training providers (as well as via transferred funds from employers who pay the apprenticeship levy).

Training providers with an existing procured contract are receiving an extension to their existing contracts to cover the new financial year. The extensions will fund carry over costs for existing apprentices as well as new apprenticeship starts, however, to align with our intention for all starts to be through the apprenticeship service from 1 November 2020, the funding for new starts using the extended contracts will only be available up to and including 31 October 2020.

Also remember you can apply to join our 2020 Vision Group on Linked In at we have updates during the week on items and you can use it for networking and items of interest.


GLA officials have proposed to mayor Sadiq Khan that they shift £7 million, out of a £190 million AEB for the first eight months, to be made available in the last four months of the academic year.  The Education and Skills Funding Agency has previously used the same “re-profiling” tactic, taking advantage of the academic and financial years being based on different dates, when it was experiencing an underspend in-year.  The GLA’s agenda paper said that where performance is “lower than expected”, they are “working with providers to review performance issues and related actions, and to identify whether allocations or contracts need to be adjusted to reflect the level of AEB delivery”. They also note that there is a “risk that underspends are recovered by the Secretary of State in circumstances where the Secretary of State considers funds have not sufficiently been committed to be spent”.


Important item RE Apprenticeship service the new employer legal agreement

In conjunction with our January announcement that we were giving smaller employers, who do not pay the apprenticeship levy, full access to the apprenticeship service, we published a new employer legal agreement.  If you are an employer registered with the apprenticeship service, that accepted a previous version of the agreement, and have not yet accepted the new agreement, you will soon need to do so. Accepting the new agreement will allow employers to access funding for new apprenticeship starts, as well as ensuring continued access to full functionality in the apprenticeship service. If your organisation needs to sign the new agreement, it will be made available to you through the apprenticeship service from 14 April 2020, we will also be issuing a termination notice to your existing agreement from 9 March 2020.

We are asking all employers to accept the new agreement ensuring that employers accessing funding via the apprenticeship service will be doing so under the same standard terms and conditions. Employers that want to read the new agreement before it is sent to them on 14 April can read it on GOV.UK where it has been published for information.

Employers will be able to accept the new legal agreement in the Organisation and Agreements section of their account, only an Account Owner who has authority to do so on behalf of their organisation, should accept the agreement.

Existing users (employers) who do not accept the new agreement will still be able to view any current apprenticeships registered on the apprenticeship service, and funding will still flow from their levy account to pay for training. However, they will be unable to make changes, advertise vacancies or record new starts until they accept the new agreement (the current agreement will continue to cover existing approved apprentices until either the apprenticeship finishes, or the new agreement is accepted). It is important to note that the employer legal agreement forms part of our standard terms and conditions for accessing apprenticeships via the apprenticeship service – whilst we welcome feedback for future iterations, the agreement cannot be amended for individual employers. If you have any questions related to accepting the legal agreement, please seek independent legal advice.


The ICO is doing webinars Where is my data? 

5 Ways to improve your data discovery, mapping & compliance
Lunchtime Webinar: Thursday 19th March – 1-2pm

For our next webinar we’ve teamed up with Exterro to give you some practical tips on data discovery and mapping.

  • What’s data discovery?
  • Why is understanding & mapping your data assets so important?
  • What are the benefits for other business stakeholders in getting this right?
  • What are the risks of getting it wrong?

Host Stuart Davidson from Exterro will be joined by:

All apprenticeship starts through the apprenticeship service from 1 November 2020

In January we announced that we were giving smaller employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy full access to the apprenticeship service. This allowed employers to reserve funds for apprenticeships starting in January, February and March 2020 (to a maximum of three reservations per employer).

It is our intention that all new apprenticeship starts for all employers will be managed through the apprenticeship service from 1 November 2020. Until 31 October 2020 smaller employers will continue to be able to access apprenticeships through the apprenticeship service or through existing procured contracts held by training providers (as well as through transferred funds from employers who pay the apprenticeship levy).

Employer support for T Levels

On Monday 17 February a new section of the T Levels website aimed at employers was launched and will sits alongside the existing student website. The website contains information about T Levels and industry placements for employers.

We’ve promoted the website in targeted social media advertising which launched on the same day through LinkedIn and Twitter channels. This helps to support our engagement with employers and to increase the number of quality industry placements.

A new T Levels Employer Support Package went live on Friday 28 February. This package of support has been developed to support employers across the country to understand and prepare to offer high-quality industry placements.


East London Training Company has Staff Required due to Growth

2 SIA Tutors required due to growth

2 Basic Skills Tutors Math,s and English required due to growth

2 Health and Social Care tutors must be up to Diploma Level 3

1 Digital IT Tutor

1 IQA Basic Skills and Digital

£25,000. 00 Pro Rata  CVs to



Vacancies on the jobs board this week include: Chair of The Board of Trustees with Clean Break [London], Trainer Assessor with St. Giles Trust [HMP Ranby and HMP Drake], Sessional Worker Accommodation with Changing Lives [Halton], Women’s Centre Manager with The Nelson Trust [Somerset], Lead Practitioner with Humankind [Barnsley], Outreach Support Workers with Imagine Independence [Leyland/Chorley], Community Service Manager with Penrose Criminal Justice Services [London], Offender Advice, Support and Guidance Worker with Shelter [Northumbria], Assistant Curriculum Manager with Weston College [HMP Rochester], Criminal Justice Recovery Worker with EDP Drug & Alcohol Services [Exeter].

For more information about these vacancies, and many more, click here


We need to tell employers how good we are and what we achieve .  Ok this week my post is to employers out there to apologise for what they may see, I can assure you that 98% of the UK Training and Development Industry know what we are doing. You may be confused with reports like The chief executive of the government’s apprenticeship quango has defended the decision to reject a business administration standard at level 2 – claiming it would “undermine” efforts to create a “well-regarded” programme. See 

 This of course is the way in to work for many young people and lots of Employers like it. Also this fly’s in the face of Ofsted’s chief inspector is “concerned” that the rise in higher level apprenticeships is “partly” to blame for the decline in starts for young people at the lower levels. see This again is people who get paid a lot at odds with one another and the Industry suffers.   

 Oh of course I forgot we told people T levels were going to be a car crash to quick and ill thought out and now we have A review into the “uniquely narrow and short” technical courses in England has been called for ahead of the introduction of T-levels this September. The Education Policy Institute think tank (EPI) made the recommendation in an international comparison of technical education funding systems, See We sit there and have to put up with these people who come up with idea after idea and we have no option other than to do their bidding Employers sorry a lot of this crazy ideas are not ours.

 So if you have a great trainer doing great work please let me know and I will do my best to highlight the great work they do.


 From all of us from me Steve and fellow Director Lisa and all the team have a great week and keep training Non-Executive Director at Six Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd Linked In Group 2020 Vision Group 2020 Vision Training Days and 2020 Vision Newsletter


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