National Training Services Provider Framework Agreement

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National Training Services Provider Framework Agreement

Northern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC)

The Framework will provide a highly competitive training services provider agreement for use by member institutions of six participating HE purchasing consortia in the UK. Primarily this will focus on standard training courses commonly required for staff development by member institutions. Standard training is defined as off the shelf, repeat or readily available training programmes which in some cases may require a degree of tailoring or adaption to suit the University’s culture or needs. Lots include:

Lot 1: IT and Project Management
Lot 2: Leadership and Management
Lot 3: Personal Development
Lot 4: Professional Qualifications
Lot 5: Registered Apprenticeship Training Providers
Lot 6: Standard and Compliance
Lot 7: Managed Training Service Provider

The Northern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) manages framework agreements for its members in the HE and FE sectors. For this Framework, NEUPC is lead organisation for other HE Consortia NWUPC, LUPC, SUPC, HEPCW and APUC. A full list of members is available on the individual consortia websites. No level of business is guaranteed under any resulting agreement and there is no guarantee that any framework will be put in place. Any values stated are estimates based on historical spend. Providers should take part in the process only on the basis that they fully understand and accept this position.

Date documents can be requested until: 08 May 2017


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