Narrowing The Gap II Bidding Framework

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Narrowing The Gap II Bidding Framework
Reading Borough Council
Many Reading residents enjoy prosperous and healthy lives, but some are at risk of being left behind. This may be because of finding it difficult to get work that pays enough to cover day-to-day essentials and to secure decent housing. Some people feel excluded or unable to access local facilities, and some of our citizens may be less able to maintain good health, through no fault of their own, and need support to stay well.

Outcomes funded through Narrowing the Gap II are broadly in two categories.

a) Outcomes which contribute to maintaining thriving communities; a vibrant third sector; tackling poverty; and supporting cohesion and integration. These will be achieved through services which potentially benefit the whole population, although some are targeted at particular population groups.

b) Outcomes which positively promote the preventative health and care agenda, i.e. supporting independence, re-enablement and wellbeing with the aim of managing demand for longer-term support. The services we aim to fund in this area are intended to benefit residents with identified health needs, or current or emerging care and support needs. This includes younger and older adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, long term health conditions or substance misuse issues, all older people and all adult unpaid carers.

Deadline: 20/12/2017

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