Management Apprenticeships Standards

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Management Apprenticeships Standards

Civil Nuclear Police Authority (CNPA) / Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC)


**The CNPA is looking to award this under the Light Touch Regime. **

Management Apprenticeship Standards to utilise the Apprenticeship Levy and provide support to the development of Police Officer’s and Staff managerial skills


On 13th March 2017 the Planning and Performance Committee approved an outline business case which outlined plans to develop the Leadership and management abilities of officers moving between the role of Constable to Sergeant and between Sergeant to Inspector. In order for officers to undertake these qualifications and develop their leadership and management skills, an approved provider will first need to be sought.


Total costs cannot exceed the government approved maximum funding bands for each Apprenticeship which must include but not limited to:-  Level 2 English and Maths diagnostic assessment and subsequent qualification where necessary.

  • Scottish based Apprentices’.
  • Provision of Level 3 and Level 5 Leadership and Management qualifications.
  • Line Manager/Mentor support and training


The contract will be awarded for a 12 month period with the option to extend on an annual basis for up to 3 years subject to satisfactory performance. At any point when the contract is ended, the provider will agree to complete any outstanding Apprenticeships.


Deadline: 18/08/2017

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