London 2014-2020 ESF Programme – Update

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Skills Funding Agency Launches ESF tendering round

Today, the SFA has launched its first ESF 2014-20 tendering round in London covering a number of strands under the ESF Youth Programme. The London Enterprise Panel (LEP) has designed a comprehensive package of ESF provision for young people, working closely the Young People’s Education and Skills (YPES) Board. The London ESF Youth Programme for 2014-20 reflects the ESIF Strategy’s themes of freedoms, flexibilities and funding incentives; and responds to the objective of supporting interventions to move young people NEET aged 15-24 or at risk of NEET into sustainable employment, education or training (EET).

The following invitations to tender (ITT) have been published:
· Young BAME
· 16-18 targeted NEET
· 16-24 Targeted NEET LDD
· 18-24 Targeted NEET Mental health
· 18-24 Targeted NEET Migrant Groups and Others
· 15-18 Preventative NEET
· 16-24 NEET Outreach
· Careers Guidance

The ITTs have been published by the SFA via the Bravo Solutions e tendering portal on 6th January 2016. An applicant must be registered on the Bravo Solutions e-tendering portal to be able to respond to the ITT. The deadline for applications is 5.00pm Friday 5th February 2016.

Additional Information for Applicants

A document outlining the linkages between the ESF youth programme strands can be found at .Applicants should read this document before applying for funding, the document explains the expected referral routes between strands and key interdependencies.

Documents presenting additional background information about target groups supported by some of the youth programme specifications and SFA guidance documents can be found on the same webpage.
In addition it is important that applicants read the “Read Me First Documents” on the Bravo Solutions e-tendering portal before starting an application.

If you have any questions you should use the message board facility within the Bravo Solutions e-tendering portal. If it is a technical problem in the first instance access the online help documents or email . The European Programmes Management Unit will not be able to answer any questions.

For more information on the 2014-20 ESF Programme in London, including a full list of planned ESF Opt In provision in London, see here:

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