Liverpool Economic Partnership – ESF Calls for Proposals (Liverpool)

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Liverpool Economic Partnership – ESF Calls for Proposals (Liverpool)
The Liverpool City Region – Local Economic Partnership, which aims to improve the economic prosperity of the City Region, has launched two new calls for proposals for European Social Fund projects.

The European Social Fund (ESF) focuses on improving employment opportunities, promoting social inclusion and investing in skills. The current calls are for European Social Fund (ESF) projects under Investment Priority 2.1 – Enhancing equal access to lifelong learning and Priority 2.2 – Improving the labour market relevance of education and training systems. Under Priority 21.1 applications are invited to develop a project to promote access to higher education, focused on disadvantaged individuals and around shortage areas, via taster activities and access courses. In addition proposals to address high level skills growth sectors and improve the skills of the workforce meeting growth needs of business across the City Region. The total ESF funding available is £1 million. Under Priority 2.2 applications are invited to support businesses to design and develop new higher level apprenticeship standards linked to new occupations in key growth sectors. Projects should include promotion of higher level apprenticeships and also the development of curriculum materials to support cutting edge technological development meeting the needs of businesses and residents.

The total ESF funding available is £500,000.

The deadline for outline applications to these calls is 15th February 2016.

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