Lifelong Learning – Adult Education Budget

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Lifelong Learning – Adult Education Budget

Cheshire East Borough Council

Cheshire East Lifelong Learning (CE LL) is undertaking a commissioning exercise to set up an approved supplier list for the procurement of Adult Education Budget Provision for the residents of the Borough. CE LL is funded as the lead body for Adult Education Budget provision and will be sub-contracting work under this funding stream. Providers will need to meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the service specification in order to be considered for the list. The approved supplier list will be split into lots as below:

Lot 1 Adult Education Budget Provision: Accredited Learning

Lot 2 Adult Education Budget Provision: Health and Wellbeing Programmes (Non-accredited learning)

Lot 3 Adult Education Budget Provision: Taster/Engagement Programmes (Non-accredited learning)

Lot 4 Adult Education Budget Provision: Longer programmes leading to Employment Outcomes (Non-accredited learning)

Lot 5 (+) – Additional lots may be added throughout the life of the approved supplier list (to be advised at a later date should the need arise).

A proportion of the funding will be targeted at the 19+ age group who face challenges securing sustainable employment. The non-accredited learning will focus on turning around the lives of local people and maximising the impact of public funding on the social and economic wellbeing of individuals, families and communities with a strong focus on those who are most disadvantaged. A proportion of funding will be accredited learning and will be focused on unemployed individuals within the Borough who are eligible for full funding as outlined in the service specification.

Commissioned provision will be aimed at entry level to level 2. This learning will be targeted at meeting local wellbeing and employment priorities in a number of subject areas.

The approved supplier list will be opened via The Chest a minimum of 3 times per year so that new providers can join the list. Being accepted onto the list is no guarantee of any volume of work. Potential Provider’s who fail to get onto the list may re-apply to join a maximum of 3 times. Cheshire East Council reserves the right to negotiate on aspects of providers bids post acceptance onto the list and prior to any contract award based on the call off criteria laid out in the service specification.

The budget is a maximum of £495K per year across all lots.

The pre-tender clarification deadline is 12 noon on 27th March 2017.

The deadline for submissions is 12 noon on 7th April 2017. Only submissions uploaded via The Chest will be accepted.

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