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Leeds City Council

The procurement of Training Provision to a 2 Year Framework Agreement to enable delivery of Apprenticeship training at Leeds.


Lot 1 – Business Administration

Business Administration within the Council is a significant service function with a regular turnover. The resource is centrally managed but allocated across services. We have had recent success in this area with 91% of apprentices successfully completing and either moving on to further study or employment and we would look to continue this good work. We require provision of Level 2 and 3 in Business administration from a provider with excellent achievement levels.


Lot 2 – Construction

Traditionally Leeds Building Services have recruited apprentices to resource their workforce at the entry level. These start with a 14 month QCF apprenticeship which covers a range of trades which are generally completed prior to staff electing a preferred trade apprenticeship. Learners then go on to specialise in a given Trade apprenticeships at Levels 2 and 3 and these may increase in future (frameworks/standards include those in carpentry, plumbing, electro-technical, plastering and painting and decorating).


Training Providers should have good quality provision for practical elements of the apprenticeship in a location within easy reach of Leeds. This lot also covers the business needs of our Highways service that currently require delivery of Construction Operations & Civil Engineering, also Intermediate and advanced Civil Engineering and may extend to further highways related skills at a future date. Following the practical vain of this lot our Fleet service requires delivery of Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Level 2 & 3 which should likewise have suitable practical provision.


Lot 3 – Customer service

Our customer service provision across the Council is large scale covering our call centre, community hubs and libraries and other service areas that come into contact with community or visitors. It is hoped that in time, apprenticeships may form the entry route to roles across the service. However at this time commitment is ring fenced to the contact centre where core customer service skills are required to deliver a first point of contact service. Apprenticeships will provide the building blocks for career progression and aid retention in a fast moving field. Customer Service Level 2 and 3 is required for this Lot.


Lot 4 – Health & Social Care

Training and development within Adult Social Care has been a solid provision for some years and more recently apprenticeships are featuring highly as a main form of entry level recruitment.

One of our priorities is to upskill our current workforce and deliver transformational roles through apprenticeships, we will also provide Apprenticeship support to Private, Independent, and Third Sector Social Care organisations. In the short to medium term we want to deliver the new apprenticeship standards from Level 2 to Level 5 in Health and Social Care.  In addition to this we are looking for a training provider who will be able to deliver higher level degree apprenticeships.


This lot is also looking for strong provision for Children’s Services with a wide range of current and future requirements covering courses between Level 2 and 7 in a range of Children and Young People’s standards, including level 4 and level 5 ‘working with children and young people,’ childcare, Early Years Educators (in future we may consider standards in Occupational Therapy once these are approved and ready for delivery). Our Children and Families service are also keen to develop and adopt new and higher level standards including a level 7 apprenticeship in leadership and management.


Lot 5 – ICT

Digital skills are an ever growing area. As a Council we have employed a proportion of entry level ICT posts as apprenticeships over the last few years, focusing mainly on Microsoft and networking skills. In a bid to develop our apprenticeship offer we are also seeking to convert ICT degree courses that we have supported and as such would be looking for a provider that could cover both the Level 2/3 and also higher degree level ICT courses.


Lot 6 – Legal

Our Legal services are keen to provide a clear progression pathway for a career in Legal within the Council. This will involve Legal apprenticeships which will include Level 3 para legal up to Level 6. Professional Legal accreditation must be achieved at the outcome of the apprenticeship.


Lot 7 – Sport & Leisure

Sport and Active Recreation have an active training ethos and are keen to develop their staff where ever they see the potential. Training providers would be expected to deliver the breadth of sports & recreational related apprenticeships including leisure operations, leisure duty manager, Personal Training, gym instruction and Activity Leadership. Training must be delivered flexibly and be mindful of shift patterns.


Although less developed the Council are considering extending their offer in more of the Leisure and arts areas including libraries, museums and theatres, we would be interested in providers who could cover the breadth of this lot.


Lot 8 – Professional Support services

This lot covers the range of support services functions and associated apprenticeship training (those that fall outside of ICT and Legal specialisms). This will include apprenticeship equivalents to professional qualifications including Finance, HR, and Projects & Procurement including accreditations to; AAT, CIPFA, CIPD, CIPS and APMP. Standards & Frameworks will range from Level 2 to 7 and cover AAT 2-4, and professional Accountant Level 7, when released. Also required are HR standards levels 3 to 7, as and when these are available for delivery.


For our Projects & Procurement Unit the business requires Project Management and Public Sector Commercial and Professional Level 4 standard. Accreditations to professional bodies must be achieved at the outcome of the qualification.


Lot 9 – Leadership & Management

Leadership and management training has traditionally been provided across services and across levels to fill skills gaps and develop rising talent. In the past this has been supported through training and development budgets. With part of the budget now dedicated to pay the apprenticeship levy it is important that where possible Leadership and management apprenticeships are utilised instead of traditional routes. The Council is keen to provide a solid career progression through Leadership & Management and so requires delivery of Levels 3 to 6.


Lot 10 – Facilities & Services

We have a number of other front line services that lend themselves very well to recruiting apprentices these incorporate manual services such as Parks, including; Land based studies with our Parks and Countryside service, delivery required in frameworks/standards covering Horticulture, Land Based Engineering and General Gardening Operations. Our Housing Service are also keen to provide a clear career pathway within the service and to initially provide introductory numbers of apprenticeships to support this. These will include Level 2 standard Housing Property Management Assistant, Level 3 Housing Property Management, in time Level 4 in Senior Housing Property Management and possibly Level 6 Housing qualifications in the future.


Lot 11 – Schools

Schools in Leeds are specifically looking for high quality education based apprenticeships that enable them to benefit from the levy fund in their sector. These would naturally include Schools Business Director/Manager, Early Years practitioner, various support roles (eg Technicians, Caretaking, Catering, Administration) and once developed, Teaching Assistant and Teacher apprenticeships. Training Providers bidding for this lot should be comfortable to deliver in a flexible way that may accommodate schools working together in clusters and alliances.



As the legislation is new, and there are gaps in available standards in some business delivery areas, training providers who tender for this contract should outline how they will engage in discussions to assist the Council to develop new standards and courses where relevant. This will include training designed to upskill current employees as well as new recruits. Where courses already exist the Council requires that there is scope to negotiate on course content to ensure the most appropriate course is being delivered for our business needs. Tenders are expected to outline how possible this might be.



It is expected that under the Framework contract, the successful Training providers will be responsible for arranging end point assessment for the courses they are commissioned to teach. It is necessary that this is an independent organisation so that all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently. The end point assessor must be signed up to the register for apprentice assessment organisations.


Estimated value £5,200,000.00




Deadline: 16/08/2017

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