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Are you interested in working with learndirect in the future?

Are you able to deliver a range of computer based eAssessment tests?

Could you bring quality and value to our supply chain?

learndirect has delivered computer based tests since 2005 via a network of test centres located in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and was recently awarded the UK government’s Computer Based Testing Framework. This involves the delivery of a number of contracts on behalf of the UK government, including the Driving Licence Theory test from September 2016 – a contract which delivers around 2 million tests each year.

We are seeking to work with organisations that have existing infrastructure in the UK, including England, Scotland and Northern Ireland with a strong track record of delivering “on line” assessment services to different customer groups.

The details of this opportunity can be found by going to www.learndirect.bravosolution.co.uk. The eAssessment opportunity can be accessed via ‘ITT_28394: Testing Locations to Deliver a Range of Computer Based Tests January 2016′.

Interested? Then register to attend one of our ‘Meet the buyer’ events:

21st Jan: Edinburgh

26th Jan: Llandridnod Wells

27th Jan: Bristol

28th Jan: Chelmsford

29th Jan: Belfast

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