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Lean Sigma Six Training

University of Southampton

The University has a procurement opportunity for the provision of Lean Sigma Six training for its specialist IT department (iSolutions).

With increasing emphasis on the student/customer experience, improving quality, the drive to become more effective and efficient in processes and services and the desire to develop a culture of continuous improvement, iSolutions are looking to deploy Lean Six Sigma across the department.

Objectives of Deployment
– To enable the Senior Management Team to support and drive deployment across iSolutions through effective engagement and understanding of Lean Six Sigma, its principles and application within iSolutions
– To embed Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques across all staff groups within iSolutions and enable application of these principles, tools and techniques in projects aligned to strategic objectives and every day working practises where appropriate
Provide the ability to select the right people and projects to ensure that iSolutions receives the highest return on investment possible and delivers quantifiable and sustainable benefits
– To drive effective, efficient and customer focused processes and services
– To increase quality within our processes and services
– To improve the customer experience
– To develop staff, identifying and supporting those with potential to progress through phases of training (i.e. progress through the Belts of training, ultimately to Black Belt level)
– Develop leadership capability within iSolutions
– Develop internal expertise which will be utilised in the future for ongoing Lean Six Sigma deployment
– To support the development of a Continuous Improvement culture within iSolutions with responsibility for identification and management of opportunities at all levels


Deadline: 04/04/2017

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