Leadership Programme for Aspiring Leaders within Welsh Sport

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Leadership Programme for Aspiring Leaders within Welsh Sport

Sports Wales

Sports Wales are looking to appoint a firm or firms to develop (as required) a Leadership development programme and deliver two consecutive cohorts with a mid point review built in. Principle target organisations for the programme will be the National Governing Bodies of main stream sports and key partner agencies responsible for the development and delivery of sport (eg local authorities, regional or national agencies). We envisage a modular approach to the programme that enables delegates to tailor and align their development journey to their personal needs. It is key that delegates reflect on their own leadership style and impact, and through dialogue with peers, on-going feedback and 1:1 coaching, take ownership of their own development.
There will need to be a structure and rigourous selection / development dentre to initiate the programme. It is envisaged that all delegates will participate in a core module ‘Leading Myself’. Further modules focused on priority aspects of ‘Leading with Others’, ‘Leading the Future’ and ‘Leading for Results’ will provide inspiring, stretching and thought provoking development interventions.
The successful provider will engage appropriate specialists who are able to bring relevant expertise to each module. These may be from within the tendering organisation or sub-contracted for a specific purpose. The tendering organisation will manage, co-ordinate and be responsible for providing the overall programme interface with Sport Wales.


Deadline: 01/05/2018

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