Leadership Development 2016 tender

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Leadership Development 2016
Cotswold District Council, as lead authority for this procurement, is now seeking a strategic partner that can deliver this support through a number of mechanisms and has the ability to support us with:

• The development and delivery of a number of workshops/approaches that support our strategic and operational leaders and managers develop the required behaviours and skills.
• Latest business thinking – we are looking for a partner that has the ability to source support from a wide knowledge base which covers not only management but areas such as technology, community etc. as well.
• Delivering a range of innovative approaches that are built upon evidence that shows their effectiveness.
• Research that supports the thinking utilised in the delivery of approaches used.
• Access to a number of different courses/programmes where there may be a need for an individual approach.
• Support in updating/expanding our current catalogue of leadership/management approaches.


Deadline: 22/08/2016

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