Last chance to nominate people who are inspirational in the Apprenticeship Sector

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Do you work with someone in the Apprenticeship Sector who is inspirational

Nominate them now and they will receive a ticket to the Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Conference
We are looking for nominations for Inspirational Females, Inspirational Female Apprentices and also men who support women in the Apprenticeship Sector. All will be invited to attend as our guests.

Please email with name and contact details so invite can be sent

The importance of  the Inspirational women’s conferences The Inspirational Women’s conferences are not just a conference, it’s a medium where women from different backgrounds meet and empower each other through their stories and their experiences.

And when women support each other, incredible things happen.

Check out our fantastic line up of speakers for Sept 

This year men  who support women will be invited to come as our guests. as one thing missing has been males, only 15% (male)  last conference .
As one Male MD said I came here thinking it was going to be a male bashing event, but came away and said<  “The most informative, enlightening event I have attended in years”. ​

That’s because events like these serve as educational platforms, not only for women, but also for men committed to supporting women in the workplace

The ladies below have shared their journeys with us, they have made us laugh and made us cry, but what these inspirational women have done and let’s be honest, it takes courage to share your story because it means letting go of the carefully crafted image of the person you believe you should be in exchange for the unedited version that includes your imperfect quirky bits and pieces, and all that you’ve learned (mostly the hard way) . So I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for sharing with us and making the inspirational women conference the most talked about conferences over the past two years.

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