Key Stage 4 Alternative Provision

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Key Stage 4 Alternative Provision

Doncaster Council

Doncaster Council (‘The Council’) invite detailed proposals under the Light touch Regime for a individual Primary Provider to deliver or co-ordinate a bespoke education and training offer at Key Stage 4 for at least 50 full-time equivalent placements in an appropriately resourced, high quality education setting. Commissioning of Alternative Provision will ensure best quality and value for money.

The service aims to provide a tailored package of personalised learning and vocational training opportunities based on individually assessed needs of young people aged 14 – 16+ who have social, emotional and mental health needs which either significantly compromise their progress, and that of their peers, or they are at risk of disengaging from learning in mainstream schools. There will be some young people with mental health issues and some in need of Therapeutic input.

The service will support the aspiration of Doncaster schools and it’s Local Authority of 0 exclusions and the optimisation of educational progression for all Doncaster pupils.

The Contract will commence on 1.9.2017 and run until 31.8.2018, though the Council may extend the contract for a further 12 month period at its sole discretion. Bidders should be aware that TUPE may apply to this contract.

Deadline: 05/07/2017

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