IT Face to Face Technical Training Framework

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IT Face to Face Technical Training Framework.

The Met Office is seeking a number training companies to provide a comprehensive portfolio of Face to Face IT Technical training courses. All of the required courses are anticipated to be delivered face-to-face, predominantly at the Met Office’s Headquarters in Exeter, Devon. There may also be a need for training to be delivered at other Met Office locations around the UK. Furthermore, there may on occasions be a need for delegates to attend Public versions of the courses.

Trainers delivering the courses will have to obtain security clearance, which will be arranged upon award of the framework.

Suppliers must bid for complete Lot’s — i.e. all the courses within a given Lot of which there are 12.

There will be a single supplier chosen for each of the Lots based on MEAT. Suppliers can win one or more Lots.


Lot 1

The courses required under Lot 1 are as follows:

  1. Certified SCRUM Master (CSM),
  2. Certified SCRUM Product Owner (CSPO).

Lot 2

The Courses required for Lot 2 are as follows:

  1. AWS Introduction e.g. AWS Technical Essentials,
  2. AWS Architect,
  3. AWS Architect Advanced,
  4. AWS Developer,
  5. DevOps Engineering on AWS,
  6. AWS Severless,
  7. AWS Security,
  8. AWS Big Data.

Lot 3

The Course required for this Lot are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Programming (Java),
  2. Java Fundamentals,
  3. OCA JAVA 8,
  4. OCP JAVA 8.

Lot 4

The courses required to be delivered in this Lot are:

  1. Introduction to Programming (Python),
  2. Python Fundamentals,
  3. Python Advanced.

Lot 5

The course required for this course is:

  1. Behaviour Driven Development.

Lot 6

NUTS code: UKK4

Main site or place of performance:

Exeter EX1 3PB.

Lot 7

The courses required under this Lot are:

  1. UNIX and LINUX Fundamentals,
  2. Shell Scripting (Bash).

Lot 8

The courses included in Lot 8 are:

  1. Atlassian JIRA Essentials,
  2. AtlassianJIRA Reporting and Dashboards,
  3. Atlassian Confluence — Essentials,
  4. Atlassian Admin

Lot 9

Courses to be provided under this Lot are:

  1. ISTQB Foundation,
  2. ISTQB Foundation — Agile Extension,
  3. ISTQB Advanced — test analyst,
  4. ISTQB Advanced — test manager,
  5. ISTQB Advanced: test Automation Engineer,
  6. ISTQB Expert: Test Manager,
  7. ISTQB Foundation Performance Tester,
  8. ISTQB Advanced: Security Tester,
  9. Load Runner certification.

Lot 10

The included for Lot 10 is:

  1. Agile Foundation.

Lot 11

The course included in this Lot is:

  1. ITIL Foundation.

Lot 12

The courses included in this Lot are as follows:

  1. RED Hat (Rapid track and associated courses).

Deadline: 29/09/2017

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