Invitation to tender: Wick Award Youth Engagement Hackney

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Invitation to tender: Wick Award Youth Engagement
Building on the findings and recommendations from the WickAward Community Researcher project and specifically the work of the young community researchers, this invitation to tender has been prepared based on the Partnership’s agreed next steps.
The tender specification is structured as:

– Objectives / Aims of the Specification with timeline:
– Findings and recommendations from the young people engagement carried out as part of the Community Research Programme:
– Recommendations arising from the Youth Engagement.

Aims/Objectives of this Brief:

WickAward invite organisation to apply to work with young people across the WickAward area to facilitate:
– A Voice for Young People
– A facility for young people to shape and make funding decisions in WickAward

1. A Voice for Young People: On going engagement and development of a young people’s voice across the Hackney Wick Big Local area.
Building on the work completed by the Community Researchers particularly Cabrini & Jade, to work with young people and capacity build them through training and support from Youth Workers, to continue to work with young people to develop capacity and engagement to grown a Youth Voice for the area.
The format for the Young People’s Voice locally will be shaped by local young people to encourage involvement in the young people’s work in the Hackney Wick area. It will aim to serve as a way for young people to have a voice on issues of importance.
To support this work the Partnership wish to appoint an organisation with experience and reach in the Hackney Wick area who will:
– Recruit two young people as young ‘apprentices’ on a part time basis to continue the work conducted to date; to engage with and talk to young people across the area. These young people will be paid for their hours and will need to be supported with a clear learning / development programme;
– Build the skills and capacity of the young ‘apprentices’ to facilitate young people across the area to develop a ‘voice’ which will inform the approaches of the WickAward to investing in response to young people across the area;
– Delivery of a range of engagement activities through forums and activities to continue the conversations started through the Community Researcher Programme;
– Develop a structure for engagement, discussion and decision making by young people locally;
– Through skilled youth workers to support both the young ‘apprentices’ & other young people to develop approaches, make decisions, arrange events and support capacity building to move the programme forward;

2. A facility for young people to shape and make funding decisions about youth provision across the area – young people’s funding rounds with young people making the decisions on how funding is spent across the Big Local area. This may become a function of the Youth Voice but during year 1 may be taken through participatory budgeting with an open group of young people from across the area. Initially a grant fund of £5,000 will be allocated for young people’s decisions from the existing budget;
To support this piece of work the selected organisation needs:

– Build on the work in 1. Above and work either themselves or with a skilled partner to engage and run the Participatory budgeting for young people to make decisions on funding projects for young people;
– Ensure a range of activities which are age and location appropriate;
– Ensure financial and output monitoring for the projects supported through the young people ‘voice’;
The appointed organisation will need to:

– Demonstrate experience of work with young people in similar projects;
– Demonstrate experience of working in Hackney Wick or a similar environment;
– Demonstrate experience of building capacity and voice for young people;
– Have skilled Youth Workers in post to support and work with WickAward Young people;
– Have a good understanding of ‘Big Local’ and Big Local outcomes.

Deadline for submission of tenders is September 16th at 10am

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