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Integrated Healthy Lifestyles

Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council’s (‘The Council’) Public Health directorate is undertaking this procurement exercise for the provision of a new Integrated Healthy Lifestyles Service in Peterborough. The purpose of this procurement exercise will be to appoint a provider who can deliver a range of associated public health interventions of high-quality service across various settings. The new service shall seek to reduce health inequalities and address lifestyle-driven health problems, most notably; smoking, obesity and physical inactivity, through an integrated approach that empowers individuals to make healthy choices. It is envisaged that the integrated service will include provision of a health trainer service, smoking cessation services, physical activity and weight management services, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 services (as part of an integrated approach with the local Clinical Commissioning Group). The Council reserves the right to further develop these services in order to deliver similar health related services/activities and develop the objectives, in line with innovation. This may potentially increase the budget by a further 1 000 000 GBP.

To access this tender and to register your interest please register at the following web address:

Deadline: 30/09/2016

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