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Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) has relaunched its #OneBigTweet fundraising initiative that offers the public the opportunity to donate “without spending a penny”.

CPF hopes the initiative will raise funds for its projects helping farmers across Africa and in Latin America.

OneBigTweet is a world first campaign which is all about harnessing the power of social influence and asks individuals to donate their Twitter following rather than any cash.

The aim is to grow a community of supporters so big that it can be auctioned off to raise funds for Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation projects, to a buyer who will have the one-time opportunity to send the #OneBigTweet to this total audience.

The more followers donated for free by the public, the greater the potential reach and the greater the value of the tweet to potential buyers.

For the buyer, it’s the equivalent of purchasing Twitter advertising but instead of paying the platform, the money is going directly to helping farmers in Africa and Latin America.

The campaign has three simple instructions:

  • Click on the link
  • Click on ‘Donate my twitter followers’
  • Press ‘Authorise’

#OneBigTweet currently has 4.5+ million followers donated and is valued at £67k, but that number is on the rise.

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