If I were 22

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Well what a wish yes indeed #IfIWere22 what a long time ago and how things have changed.

So I was asked to put together some thoughts ideas and also some TIP’s.

Well perhaps not the best person to ask as I left School with very little in qualifications other than the headmaster gave a qualification, that “I would go far and the further the better”. Well TIP 1 get a mentor at uni or college or indeed down the vocational route get a mentor, even if they do not know, see someone and say would i like to do what they have done or better. I have lots of qualifications now and you need to keep getting them keep learning.

TIP 2 look listen and ask questions I used to not ask questions just look and listen, but as I have grown older I find people do want to tell you things if you ask!

TIP 3 Do not mix drinks stay on wine or stay on shorts do not mix them. Otherwise you could end up looking like me.

TIP 4 Music is great and Music crosses over culture, age and education, always ask what type of music do you like, as people often do not look like the Music they like, so do not judge a book by its cover.

If I were 22 I would go on looking more into IT and technology you have to keep on top of it and the only way is get into it, use it lean it again ask if you do not know.

If i were 22 I would have got up early back in the day last minute was the order of the day, now I get up early every morning about 5.00 am, why so i can see what I missed in the night and also get to where I am going. You can have a degree and be best in class, but after getting into work late you soon find out no matter what university you went to, the Boss went to the University of Life.

TIP 5 Do not smoke I do but if i was 22 again I would not smoke but mix with people who do smoke as they often are the most social people, and great thinkers and innovators.

Also I have learned over the years, which i wish I had learned early on, FTPPTF,

Fail to prepare – prepare to fail.

Then looking back I see several mistakes and one of these was not understanding the BUY IN, you have to look at what is in it for the other person, get to know what they need. Not focus on what you want that comes along from the BUY IN.

I do remember needing money and wanting to earn money so I took an extra job, I was not very good at it as I just tried to sell the product. I meet Billy who was Irish he said “how is it going”, I said “not very good”. During the next few days he asked again and again. Still the same reply then he said do not try and sell this morning just come with me . So he then knocked on the door and said hi, hope you do not mind me asking but we are finding out if people in this area would like deliveries of our products we are trying to find out if people would like it.

Within 15 minutes he found out all about the people in the road and made a sale, next door, he said I have just been to Mrs X next door she said I should ask you about if our product would be any good for delivery in this area.

On the day went and order after order so back to TIP 1 and TIP 2. I learned a lot that day.

TIP 6 Go out to win, well I am not in to football, more rugby but the game does not matter what ever the game is go out to win, do not look for a draw make sure you know as much about the other team or business, strengths and weakness as some times knowing the strength is actually their weakness. They have a great product or service they sit back and this gives you time to look at it and see where you can improve it. Could be price, could be speed, could be added value.

TIP 7 look at possibility not inefficiency one of the strangest things I have seen is so simple. Just go to https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=666237566747578&set=vb.492807800757223&type=2&theater

You have to watch it for about 2 minutes and then you will start to think, well yes this is possible and yes why did we not do it and why is it not happening.

What is it about actually making a road out of solar panels, and it has been done!

So simple it makes things like keeping the power to heat the road when it snows.

You can use it to power lights on the road.

TIP 8 If I was 22 would I have more fun yes indeed as you never know how long you have got so enjoy every minute it goes so fast.

So have fun and if you take away only one thing from this then that is great as its one more than when we started.

So bye from the old guy who thinks he is still 22

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