How NGOs in the UK use technology (Infographic)

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Earlier this week, the third annual 2018 Global NGO Technology Report was published, detailing how NGOs across the globe are using web, email and mobile technology, how they manage data and security and make the most of online fundraising tools and social media. You can read more here.

While the survey was a global one, over 200 UK NGOs were surveyed by Tech Trust – which revealed some interesting results. Here are the facts and an infographic highlighting some of the main findings:

  • 99% of NGOs in the United Kingdom have a website. Of those, 88% are mobile compatible.
  • 66% of NGOs in the United Kingdom accept online donations on their website. Of those, 80% accept credit card payments. 65% accept PayPal. 58% accept direct debit payments. 5% accept digital wallet payments. 1%accept Bitcoin.
  • 45% utilise an online peer-to-peer fundraising service.
  • 37% participate in #GivingTuesday.
  • 68% of NGOs in the United Kingdom regularly send email updates and fundraising appeals to supporters and donors. Of those, 68% use an email marketing service. 16% send email via their CRM. 5% send email via BCC. 5%send email through another method and 6% don’t know.
  • 9% regularly send text messages to supporters and donors. Of those, 55%also utilise a text-to-give service for SMS fundraising.
  • 95% of NGOs in the United Kingdom have a Facebook Page and 27% have a Facebook Group. 95% have a Twitter Profile. 73% have a LinkedIn Page and 20% have a LinkedIn Group. 52% have an Instagram Profile. Other social media used are: 62% YouTube, 16% Google+, 13% Pinterest, 13% Vimeo, 12% Flickr, 4% Tumblr, and 2%
  • 10% use messaging apps to communicate with supporters and donors. Of those, 68% use WhatsApp. 47% use Facebook Messenger. 5% use Snapchat.
  • 85% of NGOs in the United Kingdom use Microsoft Windows as their operating system on desktop and laptop computers. 2% use Google Chrome OS. 8% use Apple macOS. 2% use another operating system and 3% don’t know.
  • 33% use Apple iOS as their operating system on smartphones and tablets. 27% use Google Android. 12% use Windows Phone. 2% use another operating system and 26% don’t know.
  • 57% use a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software to track donations and manage communications with supporters and donors. Of those, 57% use a cloud-based CRM.
  • 45% use encryption technology to protect data and communications. Of those, 38% to protect organisation information. 34% to protect donor information. 25% to protect the privacy of email communications. 12% to protect the privacy of mobile communications.
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