Heritage Coast LEADER Programme 2014-2020

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Heritage Coast LEADER Programme 2014-2020

Financial assistance is available for farmers, foresters, rural businesses, social enterprises and community organisations based in the Suffolk and North Essex’s Heritage Coast LEADER area.

Suffolk and North Essex’s Heritage Coast LEADER Programme 2015-2021 is provided by Defra with funding from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and is delivered on their behalf by Suffolk Council.

The UK Government’s focus for the next Rural Development Programme is on jobs and growth with the following sectors being priority areas for support through the next LEADER programme:

  • Support for increasing farm productivity.
  • Support for micro and SME’s and farm diversification.
  • Support for rural tourism.
  • Provision of rural services.
  • Support for cultural and heritage activity.
  • Support for increasing forestry productivity

The Heritage Coast Local Action Group has the following priorities that guide their approach to funding. All grant applications need to fit one of these priorities:

  • To support the creation and growth of sustainable rural businesses in the Heritage Coast area.
  • To conserve and enhance the unique environment and the natural resources of the Heritage Coast area.
  • To ensure vibrant local communities with attractive opportunities and effective services in the Heritage Coast area.
  • The Heritage Coast Local Action Group is particularly keen to support the following:
  • Agricultural and other rural businesses to develop and diversify their businesses.
  • Support the growth and sustainability of tourism and leisure businesses.
  • Increasing the volume and value of food production and the development of local supply chains.
  • Activities designed to maximise the efficient use of natural resources.
  • Increasing the supply and diversity of timber products and supply chains.
  • Increasing opportunities for young people to access local employment and skills training.
  • Effective rural services.

The 2017 deadlines are 9AM on the following dates:

10 April

3 July

25 September

There is a two-stage application process. Stage One outline application forms are available to download from the Council’s website


This should then be submitted by email to ruraldevelopment@suffolk.gcsx.gov.uk

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