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The Higher Education Funding Council for England

As part of a leadership and management development programme for middle managers HEFCE is seeking to identify a provider of a module which covers personal impact and influence.
The aim of this tender exercise is to identify a provider who can run this module. The module will be piloted and evaluated. If successful the module will be modified as appropriate and rolled out.
Subject to performance we would aim to retain the same provider for a maximum of 3 years, release on a 1+1+1 yearly basis.
— client briefing meeting to fully understand the requirement, and propose any additional research required;
— provide broad outline of draft programme for agreement by HEFCE;
— design and pilot the programme;
— work with HEFCE to evaluate the programme, including obtaining feedback from HEFCE staff, and make any necessary adjustments to the programme;
— ongoing delivery of the programme as required by HEFCE (specific dates to be agreed);
— working with HEFCE, ongoing evaluation of the programme, including obtaining feedback from HEFCE staff, and make any necessary adjustments to the programme.
The requirement is to:
Gain a detailed understanding of HEFCE’s needs;
— Design a programme that aims to develop middle manager leadership and management skills and capabilities in the area of personal impact. confidence and influence;
— The programme should fully explore theory and practice, as well as case studies. HEFCE would also expect to see implementation and continuous development built into the programme;
— Advise on the length of the programme (we would expect it to be twice a year over the potential 3-year contract period. Once appointed we want the provider to advise on the length of the programme per cohort (and people per cohort), based on their findings following fact finding);
— Deliver and evaluate a pilot programme, seeking feedback from delegates, by end December 2016;
— Discuss pilot with HEFCE and agree next steps;
— Subject to the outcome of the pilot, run the programme approximately twice a year for up to 3 years, evaluating and making improvements each time as necessary.
Please refer to the tender documentation for the full specification.

Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to: UK Shared Business Services Ltd
E-mail: ExpressionOfInterest@crowncommercial.gov.uk
Internet address: http://ccs.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/i-am-supplier/respond-tender

Deadline: 14.10.2016

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