Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 0-19 – Information Sharing

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Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 0-19 – Information Sharing
Kirklees Council
UPDATE 29th MARCH 2016
New information has now been added to this step regarding the second stage of the market engagement process. Please register an interest in order to be able to access this new information.
The Second session for providers will be held on Wednesday 20th April. To book a place on this session please

This step is being advertised to ensure full access to all information which was shared at the Kirklees Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 0-19 – Market Provider Event held on the 21st January 2016.
This step includes a copy of the presentation given on the day, a copy of the FAQ’s gathered and the delegate list from the event.
As the engagement process continues further information will be shared on this step. We will also be utilising this step to carry out communication with providers so please ensure you have registered an interest to have access to this further information.
Should you have not already registered your interest in being involved in further engagement, please feel free to contact us via the discussion function and we will add you to the direct communication list

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