Greater Manchester SFA ESF NEET programme 18-24 provision

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Greater Manchester SFA ESF NEET programme 18-24 provision

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The service will support 267 learners across Greater Manchester. The Service must include:

  • Intense pastoral nurturing which is centred around the individual (and parents/carers as appropriate),
  • Independent living skills/ life skills /independent travel skills,
  • Confidence and resilience building,
  • Employability skills developed through a variety of activities such as, supported placements, job shadowing, tasters and other forms of direct engagement with employers,
  • Planned pathways to re-engagement to education, employment and training through sustained mentoring support, post programme, once the young person has progressed into a positive outcome,
  • Links with relevant Adult Services including an oversight of plans from different services, aiming for synergy between Education and Social Care,
  • Bespoke provision at key transition points including, holiday periods and progression from one destination to another,
  • Supported volunteering placements.

This Service seeks to increase sustainable employment outcomes for young people in this cohort; accordingly an employer engagement focus is important. The following activities are desirable:

  • Identification and engagement of ‘sympathetic employers’,
  • Processes for skill matching, ensuring young people are able to fulfil appropriate job roles,
  • Awareness raising and myth busting,
  • Work experience/placements/tasters,
  • Mock interviews,
  • Support for identified staff within employers to act as on site ‘coaches’,
  • Links with DWP strategies focused on employment outcomes (Work and Health Programme).

All young people should benefit from a skilled mentor who is competent in initial and ongoing assessment, action planning and has an in-depth knowledge of local opportunity information.

The programme involves end to end delivery and includes a number of deliverables which are sequential:

  • The first claimable activity is the Learner Start, this must be completed before the young person starts their learning aims,
  • The next claimable deliverables are Regulated and Non-Regulated Learning Aims — Starts,
  • Once the participant has completed their learning aims the relevant Learning Aim — Achievement can be claimed,
  • All participants will benefit from support to enable them to start on the most appropriate Learning Aim(s), some may benefit from more than 1 learning aim, this will be informed by initial and ongoing assessment,
  • Progression Outcomes and Sustainments are claimable once the young person has progressed to their next step, this must be achieved within 28 days of them leaving their Service (last signed activity).

Value excluding VAT: 278 554.63 GBP

Start: 26/07/2017

End: 31/07/2018

Deadline: 28/06/2017

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