Great people for growing places: working together for the future of local government

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Councils have been working hard for many years to ensure that their workforce can achieve their full potential but there is always more to be done.

To drive our thinking, the LGA has set out a suggested vision for the workforce over the next five to ten years. With your help, we will refine this vision and use it as a steer for new projects and programmes to support councils in workforce development.

Our shared vision of course needs to take full account of the great issues of the day including austerity, demographic change, increased demand, changing expectations and Brexit. We want to help local government come together to agree on our common priorities for action so that scarce resources can be used to maximum effect – both locally and within the LGA.

We are also determined to ensure that our new priorities have the right fit with related work being done elsewhere, so we are making links with the health and care workforce strategies that are under development. And because our people are part of our communities we will also assess links to ideas around local skills and economic growth through the LGA’s Work Local campaign.

This needs to be a shared piece of work across local government; we really want to hear your thoughts on the priorities we have identified. Your responses will help us shape our future work plans and support you in delivering your key workforce priorities.

We have set out what the LGA believes are the priorities for change, but we want to hear what you think.

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