Grants to Improve Local Communities (Northern Ireland)

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Grants to Improve Local Communities (Northern Ireland)

Grants of up to £50,000 are available to fund projects making a positive local impact, either by producing facilities for community use or encouraging bio-diversity or environmental improvements. All projects must be located within ten miles of Mullaghglass landfill site.

Priority will be given to projects closer to the landfill site and those with at least 10% match funding.

Projects must also fall within either of the following ENTRUST approved categories to receive funding: Category (D) – provide, maintain or improve a public park or other public amenity in the vicinity of a landfill site, and promote positive land management and community involvement e.g. creation of wildlife habitats or play areas; or Category (DA) – promote biodiversity through the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat; or the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat.

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