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Sheffield City Council

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the bedrock of any local or regional economy. Sheffield City Region (SCR) is no different and this focus is expressed in 2 of the city region’s overarching strategic objectives: Ensuring SCR businesses have the support they need to realise their full growth potential; and, providing the conditions that businesses need to prosper and become more resilient. A key focus of many cities and city regions is also now placed on talent attraction and retention. Sheffield City Region needs to compete not only nationally (against the strong pull of London and the south-east in particular), but globally, as talented wealth creators can increasingly choose where they live and work based on the experiences they offer.

Rise is a pioneering project delivering employment opportunities for graduates in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It equips SMEs with the tools, advice and skills they need to access and utilise graduate talent, and prepares graduates for the fast paced and flexible world of work within SMEs. It is designed specifically for SMEs, bringing together the best of the tried and tested elements of placing graduates and introducing new innovations. Rise emulates a large corporate graduate development scheme, uniquely customised for SMEs and, to now, delivered at a city-wide level. It was the UK’s first city graduate scheme.

Deadline: 15.4.2016

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