Fundraising Regulator publishes Charities Act guidance

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The Fundraising Regulator has today published guidance for fundraising charities on how to be compliant with new reporting standards and fundraising agreements which have come into force as part of changes to the Charities Act 2016.

The regulator published its new reporting guidance for fundraising charities today, highlighting sections 13 and 14 of the amended Charities Act 2016. Section 13 of the amended act in particular “will have the most immediate impact on fundraising” and came into force on November 2016.

The guidance highlights several changes introduced in the act, including

  • A need for charities to document agreements with commercial fundraising agencies in accounts.
  • A requirement for charities to report on their fundraising complaints
  • Reserve powers for the Charity Commission to regulate fundraising

The regulator guidance points out that this guidance is particularly relevant for those charities with a “December 2017 or March 2018” financial year end, as those organisations will not have filed accounts under the new requirements in the amended act.

Gerald Oppenheim, incoming chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, said: “The Charities Act 2016 brings fundraising to the forefront by increasing the amount of information charities need to provide on their fundraising operation, including whether or not they have committed to the standards within the Code. This continues to be a vital part of charity compliance.”

The new guidance, drawn up in conjunction with the Charity Commission, can be read in full here.

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