Funding to Target Health Inequalities (Surrey)

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Funding to Target Health Inequalities (Surrey)

HealthSound which is part of the Health Lottery’s Active Communities programme has announced that the closing date for applications is the 19th April 2017.

HealthSound provides grant funding of between £5,000 and £25,000 per year for projects designed and led by local people which target areas most affected by health inequalities in Surrey. To be eligible to apply, organisations must be not for profit with an income of less than £350,000 per year. Projects should be local and could cover a few streets, a housing estate or a small village. They will last for between twelve months and two years and will make neighbourhoods better places to grow, live, work and age.

Previous projects supported include:

Insight Art, Guildford, which received a grant of £40,976 for a two-year project to provide people experiencing mental health issues with the opportunity to participate in art and craft activities, and to exhibit and sell their works.

Sandy Hill Community Bungalow, Farnham which received a grant of £10,042 for a two-year project to establish a garden for local people, many of whom live in nearby flats. It will involve creating a garden from scratch, growing produce and courses on cooking healthy meals. It will also encourage people to use the applicant’s community centre, providing an opportunity for people to actively engage with each other and increase community cohesion.

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