Funding to Tackle Climate Change (UK)

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Funding to Tackle Climate Change (UK)

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) is a Quaker trust which supports people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice has announced that the next closing date for its Sustainable Futures programme is the 21st August 2017.

The Sustainable Futures programme recognises that climate change caused by human activity is threatening the well-being of humanity and aims to support charities and not for profit organisations to develop and promote sustainable, low-carbon alternatives to the current consumerist and growth-based economic model. This can include campaigns, initiatives and mechanisms which encourage radical, large scale shifts in behaviour and culture away from consumerism towards more sustainable ways of living.

For example, JRCT provided a grant to the InterClimate Trust for its Climate Voices programme which is made up of a series of activities designed to help young people more fully understand the relationship between the economy, the environment, and the role of politics.

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