Funding to Develop Geospatial Technology Products

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Funding to Develop Geospatial Technology Products (UK)

Geovation, is an initiative introduced by the Ordnance Survey (OS), the UK’s national mapping agency and aims to support corporations, SMEs, start-ups and individuals who use geospatial technology and data to create innovative new products and services.

The Programme is aimed at developers, entrepreneurs and innovators to take their ideas and build them into real businesses. The Programme is divided into four phases:

Phases one to three are over a period of six months, Programme members receive a total of £10,000 in funding. If a prototype is successfully delivered at the end of this, phase four kicks in, which is a further six months on the Programme with an additional £10,000 in funding. For those who are successful in getting to this stage, the Geovation team will help to secure further funding and provide go-to-market support to launch the product and make it a commercial success.

The closing date for applications is the 17th August 2016.

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