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Southampton City Council is setting up a Dynamic Purchasing System DPS, for the provision of a range of employment, skills and related support services within Southampton. The DPS is also intended to apply to equivalent services in Portsmouth and the counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
Southampton City Council and the Council and its partner organisations are committed to provide opportunity and growth for its local residents and businesses. Transforming the wider Hampshire area will require us to build a knowledge rich and creative economy, 1 which will require world-class education and skills amongst our entire workforce. We want employer led demand for skills and labour to be matched with local supply whereby all our residents can benefit from, and contribute to the resultant economic growth, through which dependency on public funds are reduced and quality of life is enhanced for all.
We are seeking increased local determination to align public funds across traditional boundaries to maximise responsiveness and effectiveness, and are developing this Dynamic Purchasing System and DPS of employment and skills providers to enable us to commission innovative and wide ranging services aimed at improving the employment opportunities of local residents. We are seeking experienced Service Providers to deliver a high-quality range of employment, skills and related support services within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight area, including Southampton and Portsmouth.

Estimated value excluding VAT:
Range: between 2 000 000 and 10 000 000 GBP

Information about lots
Lot No: 1 Lot title: Employment Brokerage and Support
1)Short description
To provide personalised and effective interventions to support unemployed people back to work. Often, but not exclusively, clients will be those furthest from the labour market and will need intensive support over and above statutory provision, such as National Careers Service or Jobcentre Plus provision.
To engage with the required client group and to offer Information Advice and Guidance to support individuals to make informed decisions about their choices and actions needed to find or sustain work.

Lot No: 2 Lot title: Training and Skills Development
1)Short description
— To provide appropriate training and development of skills and competences to meet the requirements of local employers;
— To ensure that individuals are given the right level of skills support that they need to improve their chances of gaining and sustaining employment and progressing in their career, including, where appropriate, an apprenticeship, traineeship or other formal training and education.
We are looking for providers to deliver specific vocational skills which lead directly to jobs, prepare people for work and provide certification, accreditation and /or qualifications as appropriate. The training provided must be occupationally focussed or provide general employability skills to enable people to move into work.

Lot No: 3 Lot title: Specialist Support for People with Health Conditions or Disabilities to Enable Labour Market Participation
1)Short description
To provide expert specialist help to defined groups or individuals with health needs or disabilities to help them overcome barriers to labour market participation.

Lot No: 4 Lot title: Business Engagement and Brokerage for Employment, Skills and Business Development
1)Short description
— To engage local businesses in the Solent area on recruitment, skills and labour market issues so that they have the information and support to plan and develop their work force to enable their businesses to thrive and grow.
— To broker employment and work placement opportunities to enable local residents to access the labour market.

Lot No: 5 Lot title: Provision of Employment and Payroll Services for Transitional Employment Programme
1)Short description
To support long-term unemployed people and others on benefits to make a transition to employment by providing a cost-efficient employment and payroll service to support Transitional Employment Programmes.

Deadline: 22/01/2016

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