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Help Through Crisis — Learning and Support Contract

The Big Lottery Fund (Fund) is seeking a service provider to support 60-80 of the Fund’s grant holders to make connections with each other to share and implement learning to improve their projects’ services over the lifetime of the Programme.

The chosen learning and support service provider will be key to facilitating networking between projects, supporting continuous improvement of service delivery and enabling partnerships and beneficiaries to have a stronger voice to broker improvements for the beneficiaries.

The learning and support contract will cover project set up, the project duration of up to 5 years and post projects’ completion. This will enable the learning and support service provider to maximise networking opportunities and to draw together all the learning and impact to enable real-time application and continuous improvement of the Programme throughout.

The Contract is for a term of 6 years from April 2016 (subject to the Fund’s right to terminate it earlier). The value of the contract for its duration will be up to a maximum of 1 100 000 GBP (including VAT and any associated expenses). Bids in excess of this limit will be excluded.

The Fund shall have the option to extend the Contract for up to a further year (extension period) and/or request additional services related to the Contract. The estimated value of such an extension and/or additional services will be based on the charges and rates submitted by the successful bidder in its Tender response.

Estimated value excluding VAT:
Range: between 880 000 and 1 070 000 GBP

Deadline: 17/02/2016

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