Funding for Estranged Young People (UK)

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Funding for Estranged Young People (UK)

Buttle UK offers funding to help address the needs of estranged young people (aged 16-20) who have found themselves in difficult situations because their relationships with their family have broken down. Often as a result of having nowhere else to turn, these young people try to live independently and end up homeless and Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).
Buttle UK provides funding to enable them to fully access and participate in education, employment or training opportunities, Buttle also helps them to settle in secure accommodation by contributing to setting up home costs. Through this funding, it is now offering a more personalised package of support created in collaboration with the young person and their support worker.
The ‘enhanced’ level of grant award, with a maximum allocation of £2,000 per case, will focus on three key areas of need:

• Support in accessing education, employment and training
• Safe and comfortable accommodation
• Maintaining positive emotional and physical wellbeing.

To apply the young person and their support worker should start by discussing what the young person’s education, employment or training goals are and create a plan of how they will get there and what they will need to achieve these goals.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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