Funding for Digital Solutions in Vocational Training (UK)

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Funding for Digital Solutions in Vocational Training (UK)

The UFI Charitable Trust (Ufi), which aims to help improve vocational skills in the UK’s workforce, has announced the Votech Impact Fund is open for applications.

The Voctech Impact Fund aims to raise the skills of the UK workforce skills through digital solutions in vocational learning. The fund offers grants of £150,000 – £300,000, for projects lasting up to 18 months. The emphasis of the project must be on new learning tools which use genuinely innovative methods to raise the skills levels for a significant number of learners. Areas where Ufi are particularly keen to see projects, including automated and machine learning, analytic tools and hyper-local projects linking employers and learners.

There is a two stage application process.

The deadline for submitting stage 1 applications is the 28th February 2017.

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