Finance Higher Apprentices (Level 4) Training

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Finance Higher Apprentices (Level 4) Training

Ministry of Defence

DE&S Finance Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4) Scheme (FHAS) exists to train apprentices over an 18 month programme involving the attainment of qualifications typical of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accounting) certificate in Business Accounting. It includes training, assessment & practical accounting experience in a work environment assisting experienced accountants operating within MOD Delivery Teams & Operating Centres.

The on the job training is predominantly based at MoD Abbey Wood, Bristol. For 2017 the intention is to recruit up to 15 apprentices to be based at DE&S HQ Abbey Wood. The Apprentices shall be fixed term employees of the MOD. A contractor is required to deliver academic & vocational training (see below for specific qualifications), to support & contribute to the management of Apprentices throughout their 18 months training. Key services will include the contractor’s expert verification & moderation of apprentices training efforts & achievements. This includes formally verifying individual Apprentice learning logs, conducting assessments, monitoring progress & providing guidance.

The Training Programme broadly follows the new Accounting Framework for CIMA certificate Framework Level 4 FR03797 & each roughly equating to one year covering, but not limited to the basic qualifications as follows: Phase 1 – 4 weeks basic introduction to Accounting & the remaining 17 months to complete CIMA certificate level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting technical knowledge whilst also completing a Diploma in Business & Accounting practice.

Training & tuition for the above qualifications must take place within a 5 mile radius of MOD Abbey Wood, whether in temp or permanent facilities. CIMA certificate assessments will be conducted primarily at Abbey Wood. For a full description of the requirement please see MOD DCO Advertisement

Closing date: 15 June 2017

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